Happy Birthday Your Majesty!!!

Happy 63rd Birthday Your Majesty!!!

Many Many Happy Returns Of This Auspicious Day; We All Wish For Your Health, Prosperity, Long Life And Progress Together With Better Tenure. We Are Delighted And Thrilled Too Celebrating Your Great Birthday Once Again.

(I sketched this portrait when he just had had his coronation in 2058 B.S.)

The monarch has issued a 11-points public statement just few  hours back prior to his upcoming auspicious 63rd birthday, greatly worried and hurt by the deteriorating situation of the country; calling his countrymen to unite and keep their patriotism and national unity intact in this adversity. He states, he is deeply concerned and disappointed over the remain-unaddressed-plights of country and countrymen even in changed context.

Let’s wait for his grand birthday to kick off. It’s reported that a thousands-members committee, led by Fanindra Pathak, former chief secy of Palace Secretariat has been formed to celebrate the day. According to the media, the lavish birthday bash would be a grand and it has been presumed that the day holds a great importance and will influence Nepali politics in coming days.

A Brief look at King Gyanendra : My Own Analysis

The King has stated in his statement that he abdicated in favour of people and country’s will. Some could say he actually didn’t abdicated but was made do so mainly by popular uprising Jana-Aandolan-2 and later somewhat by Constituent Assembly, unexpectedly overwhelmed by staunch republicans i.e. Maoists. Could the monarch have been prevented from quitting the throne had there not been Maoists in such large numbers in Constituent Assembly? I figure that it could have been deferred for longer but not always. It was inevitable for republic to come in practice sooner or later. No one argue, not even we ‘die-hard’ royalists that the crux of inevitable abolition of centuries-old institution lies solely on the King Gyanendra, his deeds and the then political surroundings : too adverse for him to survive.

I don’t say Whatever he did, did for country and people’s sake. I’m not being blind to him. Analysis must be based on fair facts and manner. Biased and prejudiced opinions against the discussed subject only hash up the ‘art of analysis’, I hold the belief. No one doubt, king also holds a equal stake along with other political powers and figures in the process of political change now pervasive enough to be felt by commoners. He must be blamed for his deeds which led this country to this gruesome situation though such deeds might have been executed through his conscience for sake of country and countrymen. But alas, almost every act of the king turned out to be anti-people and they greatly deserved only hatred and antagonism. His greatest mistake acknowledged widely is his hostile and subversive policy towards political parties. Though CPM-UML and Nepali Congress were being unpopular among the public, they still have had a strong presence and influence in national politics. Instead of creating warm atmosphere for a fruitful dialogue with Maoists, King sought a military solution only to be backfired (on him) subsequently. He could have invited Maoists for a power-sharing deal as there was already a speculation arisen that Maoists were very near of agreement with the monarch for a power-sharing deal. It was further rumored that the king himself was ready to meet Prachanda within some weeks.  But that never happened and after royal takeover on Feb. 1, Maoists quit the dialogue with monarch and starts heeding to NC and UML in search of securing  power in national politics.

Thus, he kicked all possibilities of reconciliations out and chose to walk alone, eventually paving a way for doom of monarchy.

He could have stopped the Jana-Aaandolan from worsening. Why did he let the Jana-Aandolan sustain for 19 days, that’s too long and cost heavy on him and the centuries-old institution?

But He’s not to be blamed alone. Other political figures equally share stakes. India, GPK, Makune and Prachanda are the most notables.

While writing this, She came online, talked some and left so suddenly, again leaving me in complete distraught. I no longer can write. I’ll complete it some other day.

Happy Birthday Your Majesty once again!

Some Pictures From His Majesty’s Birthday Ceremony :

(Source : Yahoo! News, July 7)


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