Being Emptied

This morning, Nagarik daily seemed rather ‘cruel’. I left slightly astounded after going through its front-page news about the deadliest epidemic wrecking havoc in Jajarkot. It further read, the village is almost going to be empty soon if the disease is not contained in time. 68 has already died, though, this kind of news is not unusual anymore in our country. Government’s acute apathy towards the aggravating problems people has been facing for so long has only helped stoke more furors, riots, deaths and unrest more in recent days. The news of death of such a  large number of people from epidemics and other kind of incidents has become like common news in Nepal as though they hold no importance and as we know,It’s tragic that It has been gradually losing its weight on national life. Such mass no of deaths could have been averted if there was much heed paid to it. An alleged murder of ‘Khyaati’ could shake the nation amply for weeks, where as the massive deaths in remote countryside don’t even make a news, loud enough to be heard all over Nepal, esp. to Kathmandu-based elites. We know, those incidents contrast quite much in nature. But it doesn’t mean Khyaati should earn more concern and those happenings in remote should be complacent with their low-profile news.

Okay, Let’s heed on another incident just happened yesterday, where two people were beaten to death within the vicinity of the valley. And It also happened to make a sizable news (but not as big as the girl’s) in media.

We might not be as much aware about such incidents in Terai as we in Kathmandu’s. Abduction and Kidnapping has apparently become a part of crime-ridden daily life of troubled Terai, since long. More heinous crimes than that of Khyati’s abduction and murder are being carried out. People are being burnt alive, decapitated and dismembered. Like those of remote hills, these incidents of Terai also can’t make any big news in national life.

We are from working class. i.e. the Proletariat, always subverted, suppressed and unheard. We never could make any big news even though we are always riddled with troubles; big enough to be heard by Elites and Bourgeoisie, until we rise for an uprising. But we also hold a great potential, yet the greatest power, which sparks someday a ‘revolution’ then eventually overthrowing any kind of  feuds, injustice, suppression, segregation, under-development and creating class-less society. From the view of Marxism, the Proletariat’s authoritarian is an ultimate political system. It’s also an ultimate stage of human development.

It’s our tragedy or we are destined? Even Maoist, who claims itself a true representative of the Proletariat, did nothing during its 9 months-long reign.

These ‘Elite’ losers led by Makune and GPK are just another burden inflicted upon our sufferings.


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