Nipped in the Bud

Recent spate of abductions, kidnappings and homicides show no sign of abatement. Some say, it’s a ‘byproduct’ of so called vulnerable transitional period. The so called ‘transitional period’, allegedly a breakthrough to lasting peace is being lengthened at expense of country and people’s sufferings. What will happen if it’s let to continue longer? No one is unaware about the consequences. But the fact is that though everyone knows and may have been anticipating the consequences, the ‘transitional period’ has been a boon to power-hungry corrupt political leaders, even Maoists, in securing their petty interests and wills. Institution of Monarchy is defunct now and there appears no other powerful institution which could fill the vacuum left by the monarchy. Now, we easily could devise an opinion that in absence of powerful and revered central institution like monarchy, all these nuisances are sprouting. The proper management of this so called ‘transitional period’ and  its end within certain time frame (asap) is what the country and people desperately long for now.
The recent string of politburo meetings (central committee meetings ongoing) of Maoist has concluded ratifying a proposal (with a determination) of forming a ‘national consensus government’ in its leadership. This shows, so called ‘revolutionary’ Maoists are being driven to parliamentary politics rapidly, more than that of UML after 2046 B.S. No doubt, they are being transferred into just another cog of the machine of dominant parliamentary political system, with NC and UML already there. Sadly, transition of Maoists from a party of revolutionaries, which conducted successful 10-years of People’s War to a mere parliamentary party has stifled the aspirations of majority working class and poor, who had imagined a prosperous future through the 10-years long revolution. I know, it’s another string of betrayal and tragedy trampled on us. The ‘People’s War’ which helped us dream for prosperous ‘New Nepal’ has been smothered, its militias, fighters contained in Cantonment, arsenals put in vigilance of the UN. In the name of peace and democracy, thus the great revolution and people’s aspirations flourished through 10 years long People’s War are made fade away. It’s an unrecoverable loss to the development of Nepalese revolution. Imo, the ‘Peoples War’ shouldn’t have been given rest until it achieved its ultimate goal, i.e. the socialism; where there’s no classes, no feuds, no discrimination, no segregation. In another word, a virtual utopia in Nepal.

Maoists are heading towards the same destination where NC and UML are now. They amalgamated the purity of People’s War founded first in beautiful hills of Rolpa, Rukum and Gorkha, into stinky and dirty Bagmati only to taint it, so badly that it bears no purity any longer. And this way, there happens a ‘disposal’ of  a revolution into dirt-filled lavish Kathmandu and stinky Bagmati.

Though Maoists have been claiming that their ongoing participation in parliamentary system is just a part of the strategy in their long-term goal, we hardly find ourselves assured at their assertions. The lavish life-style of Maoists leaders has skyrocketed in recent days.

We’re cursed. Nepal is cursed by a widow of the then Kaaji  Vim Malla. We are only to bear nuisances, not to experience prosperity and good.


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