Sign of Justice

Liberia’s Charles Taylor has finally appeared on witness stand for his trial at UN-backed Special Court for Sierra Leone. He had been evading the court rule since years. Although lately, this has heralded a sign of justice and punishment for those warmongers who rule at expense of humanity, precious lives of millions.

Omar-Al-Bashir of Sudan has also been issued an arrest warrant by the International Criminal Court which he has been repudiating.

Let’s hope, the warmongers within our country will also be held accountable to their crimes and human-rights violation some day.

Charles Taylor has been accused of numerous killings, mutilations, torture, sexual slavery, smuggling along with other heinous crimes carried out in Sierra Leone with his direct backing. Among them, most notable is desensitize of child soldiers to their horror crimes by feeding them drugs.

Why not to prosecute our own Prachanda and Army-chief Rukmangad Katwal along with other concerned political and military figures for their crimes and violation of human rights ? Let’s see, time will do justice and compensate those sufferers soon.

I want to express my heart more, but  can’t keep it going. Desolation and distraught don’t let me escape them and I abruptly halt. Again, about my love. I’ve been separated from her. I’m culprit, for I looked bad. If I was beautiful, I would have been in elation by now; would have been enjoying her company. But alas! I’m cursed. I’m a complete loser, failed in every aspect of life. This is haunting, trampling on me, making me virtually disturbed and restive. This afternoon, went abrupt with Soona for no reason. She might have gotten hurt, I now feel sorry. I must give her a buzz and apologize. Let’s see. The pain is getting intolerable day by day that I often get provoked at times, apparently for no reason. May be because I’m destined for these nuisances for my past sins.

I’m a sinner.

I would get hurt and tensed even when she talks to other guys online. She too was well aware about it and often suggested me to not be too possessive. Now, I only could wish she has not been talking to any guys. At least, till I live, I want it.



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