The Doting Parent

He has been clicked with a girl from his hometown Chitwan, not too long ago. They often stick to phone for hours.

But he’s mere 15, a 8th grade student. He lives herein Shanti Deep with family. His father owns a modest daily commodities store. A good motorcyclist at such young age; he has been my great friend.

This noon, though he often visit me; came to me and asked to let him use Internet for some minutes, for he’s asked to appear online at a given time by his aforementioned girlfriend. I had nothing to work with Internet, so let him use my workstation, which lasted for hours though he had asked only for ‘minutes’.

He has recently purchased a computer but is yet to get connected to the Net. I suggested him to use either Nepal Telecom’s or UTL’s CDMA mobile service for Internet connection.

College time has shifted to morning from 7th semester. The last semester is loaded with more project works and dissertation.

Dad and Dinesh Dai both are in Kathmandu now. Dad has formally retired from his 30+ years civil service. They are in Kathmandu to complete his retirement procedure.

Now I think, Dad acted upon some hurry. He could have kept going with his job until he reach 58 and gets mandatory retirement. He never consulted broadly with me about his retirement plan, may be because he felt more comfort with Dinesh Dai and Mom. Within my family, I’m always seen as ‘very delicate’ and ‘too little’ to understand all these affairs which I find sometimes silly and ridiculous. Mom still calls me ‘Kanchi’ which I find so touching, a word with colossal amount of love and affection. But her unnecessary worries over my health at times only makes me feel stupid and kiddie. Much to my dissent over some of the doting mother’s extreme care, She often prevent me from going out in the sun. She fears, It (the sun) could turn out to be heavy on ‘delicate and precious’ me! Ha Ha

Parents bear nuisances for sake of their children.


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