Prince Harry Got a New Girlfriend!

Counting final days, WTF ? Yea, I’m kind of tallying up my final days of my short but nuisances-laden life.

But, today, I’ve something new and funny to write here. Harry (We call ‘Prince Harry’ at times only to ‘fool’ him :D) has just got a new girlfriend! That’s too within an hour! LOL

He often visits me and this noon too, he appeared with his usual visage: disheveled beard (must have been uncut for days), tan-black skin and his signature svelte figure. There was blazing sun outside and I was relaxing on the bed subtly gawking at the ceiling (What else I was supposed doing when being alone other than miss her every moment?). Computer was turned on as always but only was monitor off. He entered, greeted me and without talking further, claimed the chair before my PC. We’ve been so informal with each other, may be we find ourselves much closer. And, with his usual habit of browsing Yahoo! chat rooms every time he logs into the Internet; he proceeded ahead. I kept lying.

He found his new girlfriend in one of Yahoo chat rooms!!! LOL. Actually, someone Lacchi Subba was requesting ‘hunky Nepali guys’ to message her in pvt in main channel and like other girl-starved guys, though Prince Harry never went behind any girls till date; thinking he could at least have some silly fun with the girl, he simply didn’t let this ‘chance’ escape. So, he went privating her. She too showed much of interest on him. She’s a girl hailed from Bhutan, pursuing her career as a freshman in Delhi University; he told. I found it utter ridiculous however assisted him in replying her on his request. LOL. She told him she was looking for a hunky Nepali guy as her soon-to-be-beau and within an hour, they started calling each other boyfriend and girlfriend. Ha Ha Ha… I kept laughing evilly. Were they just fooling each other? I’m sure Harry was not even a bit of serious. Their convo lasted for nearly 3 hours. But it’s true, in those 3 hours of their conversation, they apparently clicked with each other. At the last minutes of their chat, I found, there was kind of pleasant expression evident on his face. He was being blushed at the last moments of their convo. LOL. They left promising a next meeting on Sunday.

Congratulations Harry!!! Good luck for your new love life. LOL

We don’t know and it’s just out of the reach of our psyche; how we got clicked with a person. Though they might have done it just for fun; apparently they went befriended and we only could hope, their relationship would see a boost in coming days. It was just an unpredicted spin-off of their silly acts but, nonetheless, they were clicked. Wait, they also could never meet again. Who knows, she was just fooling a guy who has long been longing for a girl’s love; for girls easily exploit guys’ sensitivity and loyalty? And yea, guys are too submissive to girls. I also met her online, some years back. And, when we found ourselves closer, asked her share our topmost secret and eventually proposed her which she OK’d. Now, the relationship seems to be withered (though I never believe it, I just can’t) and estranged and has become a cause of my self-hatred and unrecoverable loss of confidence and more frustration towards life.

I was cursed?

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