The Most Horrendous Scene Ever Watched

If I’m to choose the most horrendous film among I’ve watched until now, I’ll go for ‘The Passion of The Christ’. The portrayal of physical torture inflicted upon Jesus Christ (played by James Caviezel) is so searing and excruciating that I’ve not dared to watch this Jesus saga again. Flogging of Jesus, placing on him Crown of Thorns, marching him with a burden of a massive Cross and finally Crucifixion; OH MY GOD!!! I shiver, It sears me to the bone. It’s just too much of violence. I shiver when I remember the scene even after days first watched it.

It’s just too much of horror with such grisly torture that probably make people cry in theatre disregarding any of the religious agenda attached. Mel Gibson, he might have made a great flick amalgamating art with history of the last 12 hours of the Prophet but it left me with a chill thereafter. No film has ever made on me such a great impact; I still recall the scenes from the flick even several days after.

But, could it be possible for a human to survive such excruciating torture stoically? He still could mutter, somehow manage making a parade to the crucifixion site. Let’s not forget he born as a human though he was allegedly sent (by God) to the earth to ‘rescue’ humankind.

Just a  while ago, finished watching ‘Watchmen’. It was such a waste. Watchmen SUCKS! I regret for wasting hours on such a crap. Brazen sex-scenes and nudity have just ridiculed the comic-based superhero movie.


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