What Do I Do On The Internet?

I’ve no specific purpose of using the Internet.

Like others, I’ve just been another cog in the machine of this immense cyberspace (for some years). It’s only some years back, Internet became more accessible to the commoners in Nepal. In my early days in the Internet, I was quite fanatic of this recent introduction and nearly didn’t miss any of the cybercafes herein Pokhara. At that time, Internet fee was largely higher, approx. 40 Rs. per hour which now is reduced to mere 15/20 Rs.

When I was a sophomore at Lamachaur college, an Internet-cafe had just opened (might be the first in our area) and we happened to be regular there (we had our own coterie which comprises Yagya, Surya, Yam, Tirtha and I; which lasted until we retired from the college for higher education). Instead of chatting stupid at a nearby tea-shop, in early days we shifted to the cubicles of the cafe, for at least an hour a day. But the  costly Internet fee soon bankrupted us and we made our eventual return back to that ramshackle tea-shop : puffing in hazy atmosphere of slightly dark room, talking bulls and taking our afternoon ‘dose’ of tea and other snack items. Though we didn’t stop ‘gracing’ the cafe thereafter too. Once the ramshackle tea shop has now become a well-organized refurbished restaurant. Time has changed a lot since then. Human has been a mere spectator of the play of time and its consequences.We separated and walked out from the coterie once talked all over the college about forever. Whenever I visit Lamachaur, a kind of feeling of nostalgia overwhelms me especially at a glimpse of the very restaurant.

In the fall of 2005, we finally got connected to the Internet via a local ISP, Pokhara-I-Net (Pinet). My frequent visit to cybercafes was then put to full rest. Internet proved to be a great assistant to my study (I’m majoring on civil engineering).

Online chat has always been a most appreciated aspect of the Internet. I think, the biggest ‘achievement’ of my IMing is a meeting with HER. And also, I used to be one of the most vibrant users in some of ICQ chat rooms.

After becoming closer to HER and falling in love; I gradually lost interest on new people on the web and IMing was restricted only within a circle of close friends. Meeting her online often at night became an inseparable part of my Internet-life. She rekindled my hopes and motivations.

Now, I rarely do IMs. Most of the time, I spend visiting websites. They are :

yahoo.com (my yahoo, omg, music, movies, green, buzz and news)
movies.nytimes.com (only for movie reviews)
weeklynepal.com (for domestic political gossips)
rlslog.net (movie releases info)
kantipuronline.com/Nepal (for Nepal weekly)
wikipedia.org etc.

Besides these and emailing (I’ve actually no any friend who emails me regularly, SHE’s been the only one), I also visit civil engineering related websites and spend considerable time on downloading music videos (I’ve a good collection of high quality videos numbering hundreds), movies, e-books and e-magazines. My own diary on Windows Live Space is the one I visit most. I think, I visited HER blog on Windows Live Space for more than 2 times a day before she deleted it…I even tried visiting some of agony aunts’ sites in the vain hope of seeking solace through counsel in recent months.

After the tragedy, as being listless and lethargic, I now see no purpose to remain stuck to the costly Internet and have decided to close the service soon. 1,500 Rs. per month is not a small amount. It could be used for other essential household purposes.


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