Roar of Twitter

Are you registered for Twitter account?

Social networking site Twitter has been gaining momentum and instead of twittering, it now starts ‘roaring’. 😀

Most recently, it (Twitter) helped stoke up series of protests led by defeated Iranian presidential candidate Mousavi against the establishment of Iranian clerics after the allegedly rigged June 12 election.

Sarah Palin first announced her resignation plan through Twitter. She
currently has more than 0.8 million followers in the site.

Etc. Etc.

Now, Twitter rules the web. It might also be one of the most mentioned
words on the web in recent days. I also could not keep myself from
experiencing the much talked social networking site and got registered
some months back.

But how many of Nepalis use this unique invention of online communication?
So far, very few. Not anyone of my friends’ circle use this social
utility, actually they are not much aware of it. All they know to do on
Internet is, sign into messengers, Facebook, Hi5 and do chit-chats. Ridiculous!  I
also searched HER, but found she has not yet registered there. Without
trying to indulge in it more, from the very next day of my registration, I stopped using it. I’ve no followers nor am I following any, but just loved to register their after being informed much about it. And after months, today I made my elder
bro also register in Twitter. But I bet he too won’t go long with it. Honestly, I still don’t know much of ideas and tips of using Twitter. What things do I have so I could post/express them on Twitter? I hardly have any to express in not more than 140 characters.

My account is still intact, though!

I never signed up for any social networking sites such as, Facebook, Myspace etc.  But about Twitter, I was ‘compelled’ to register for mostly by Yahoo! and TIME.


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