Obsession With Girls

Girls are omnipotent. At least they hold seemingly total power over men. And, men have been much of submissive to them. What makes women adorable?

Doesn’t this prove guys’ obsession with girls? Computer went hanged, there was a deluge of private messages and Prince Harry was toiling hard to reply them. Some days ago, Prince Harry had visited me and fooled guys in Yahoo! chat-rooms (Indian and Nepali) with a fake girl’s ID he’d just created. It was something like neha_thecoolgirl@

Ridiculous. What these nasty creeps want? Nothing but a t***.

Here rises a demand that every Nepali guy be provided a girlfriend so they could use their important time to their career and nation-building works than squander on seeking girls (be in chat rooms or in real)! Every guy who lacks girlfriend should be provided with a girl and this falls within their basic ‘rights’.

New constitution is ‘being written’ and to make sure their ‘rights’ be inked, I ask all our Nepali men who lack girlfriends to exert pressure on government and concerned authorities. Good luck guys. There will soon be an independent authority (commission?) which will oversee the matter.

*Laughing evilly and psychopathically*


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