What Do You Think Of Robots?

Robots are often seen as means of destruction and threat to humanity in western sci-fi stories, whereas in Japan and other industrialized oriental countries, they have been close friends and a part of their revered culture. The contrast between the West and the Orient in depicting robots is thus large.

Just a moment ago, I finished watching ‘Terminator Salvation‘; a multimillionaire sci-fi film. It’s R5 (region-5 DVD) was released on August 16 and it didn’t take much time to download. But, annoyingly, it contains hard-coded Russian subs. MCG, director of the film once had deemed Christian Bale ‘the most credible action star in the world’. But, I didn’t find John Connor’s role (though he’s the main protagonist of the film) as extensive as that of Marcus Wright. Much of action scenes are assigned to Marcus (Sam Worthington) than to John Connor (Christian Bale).

The film really didn’t impress me at all. But, I loved the action scenes when the trio (Marcus, Kyle Reese and Star) struggle with a machine while fleeing Los Angeles in search of the Resistance. I also liked rookie Moon Bloodgood.

This fortnight sees numbers of big R5 releases: Terminator Salvation, Bruno, I Know You Know, Audie And the Wolf etc.

Lately, I’m downloading Bruno, a lewd comedy.


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