Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Nepal’s current political scenario is well abysmal and it’s been getting only worse.

But, every cloud has a silver lining.

There are some good signs of progressiveness in spite of the rife
chaotic condition of the country. There are two things, I think in
prevalence now, upon which we could boast our progress and social
justice and humanity.

1. We’ve
been the first country in Asia to rule in favour of same-sex marriage!
Yeah, we are THE FIRST. Supreme Court ordered full rights in a historic
decision to LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgenders), including
right to marry at around the end of 2008. Despite being the least
developed and civil-war ravaged country, we have made a giant leap
towards social justice and progressiveness.

And the second is, abolition of death penalty. We already inked this
provision in the then constitution of 2047, some 20 years ago and the
interim constitution of 2063 has also endorsed it. We’re one of the
very few Asian countries to denounce the death penalty.

these are the most progressive accomplishments we could feel proud on
and show the world how progressive we are (at least in some social and political
regards.). Besides these, the rapid political, and social changes (It’s
actually like ‘revolution’) we gained in this short period, mainly
after ‘Jana Aandolan’ of 2046 and considerably during the Maoists’
‘People’s War’; are also the things to be mentioned as our great

Economically, We might be ‘under-developed’ and
poor ‘Third World’ country, but the social and political progress we’ve
made so far is not less than that of the so called ‘developed’ First World


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