Top English Songs’ Lyrics (2006-2009)

Here goes a collection of top English songs’ lyrics dated from 2006 to date. I amassed the lyrics from many sites, mostly from, and There are still too many typos/errors although I myself am trying to collect better lyrics. I even upload it on and it saw so far hundreds of downloads.

It is difficult to understand lyrics when I plainly listen any new English audio. That’s why, it is must for me to download lyrics before listening any. But, most of the lyrics contain a lot of errors/typos. I know, we could never get perfection in our English skill (i.e. writing/speaking) unless it is our first or mother language. Brushing up on English is not that easy.

I’ve not listened almost any Nepalese pop songs nowadays, since so long. The last time, I listened was ”तर अन्तिम पल्ट भेट्न आऊ (डम्बर नेपालीको)”, that too in Kathmandu, while traveling in a micro-bus. I was there for Ramchandra Dai’s wedding and also to meet HER.

The collection HERE


Why today (09/09/09) is so special?


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