Save Green, STOP Encroaching, Save Chaauthe!

Fertile and verdant land of Chaauthe, Pokhara will soon vanish if the current rapid encroachment by site developers and builders is not stifled soon. The lush green farms of Pokhara everywhere (especially in Chaauthe region) is in acute danger, thanks to the numerous real-state and housing companies and individuals who contribute the encroachment. Until a decade ago, beautiful greenery was a common sight everywhere in the belt except of some scattered buildings and auto-workshops, installed sporadically. It was only some years back, the real-state companies and other housing-related firms started the encroachment of fertile land in order to develop residential areas. The greenery has almost shrunk to a very few area by now.

I remember, until a decade ago; Chaauthe region, stretched from Kundahar to Bijayapur Bridge used to be a haven of green paddy field with pleasant breeze in this season. While driving through the fertile land along Prithvi highway, the scenic green of crops really steals the heart and mind of any visitor. It used to grow a considerable amount of crops, mainly rice and corn which was a main contributor to the demand of local market in Pokhara for grain. But now, concrete structures are being erected everywhere. Hundreds of acres of land are being plotted for residential purposes and the scenic paddy fields have been gradually becoming obsolete. I feel bitter when I visit the area. Now, it seems, as though newly built and being-built buildings and other structures are laughing at the once-verdant and highly fertile land of Chaauthe. So pathetic, the sight is.

We all know, soaring demographic statistics and rise of neo-middle class has stoked the encroachment, not only in Pokhara, but everywhere in the kingdom. It’s not really worth and relevant now to talk about the ‘ravished’ fertility and beauty of Kathmandu. But, very sadly, highly fertile land of Terai is also being devastated and virtually converted into desert as heavy torrential rain floods and inundates the region every year. And, at this gloomy situation, government and other concerned authorities have been nothing but total IMPOTENT.

SAVE these precious fertile lands. STOP encroaching them. Please, DON’T repeat the mistakes of Kathmandu elsewhere again!


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