Maoists Suck

I’ve always commended Maoists’ revolutionary ideas and more profoundly their 10-years-long People’s War.

But, now, they suck for at least one thing i.e. their proposal for a new flag in lieu of angles-shaped centuries old national flag. They want to change national flag citing ”drastic political and social changes” in the country. I strongly opposes this idea.

Our national flag is unique in the world. We know, no any other country on the earth has a national flag like ours. IMO, after being no longer ‘Hindu Kingdom’, our flag is the only treasure which distinguish Nepal from others. Nepal is distinctive only by our angles-shaped national flag now. Moreover, it carries a legacy of bravery and patriotism of our great ancestors and heroes.


Let’s Oppose Maoists’ Proposal. Let’s Fight For Our Great National Flag.


One response to “Maoists Suck

  1. Yes – Maoists DO suck! Thanks for saying it.
    Here are 2 for you:

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