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Ni…..Get Well Soon

Ni, Get Well Soon. You’re caught with cold, it could be a flu too.

Get well soon. You saw doctor? I hope you’re recuperating.


Could We Trust Him?…A Ray Of Hope

I was quite bad yesterday, and the entry was just worse.

I miss her so much. So much.

Yesterday night, before writing the entry, I was briefly on TV browsing channels. Although I’ve never been a couch potato. I usually spend only little time on TV, most notably on MTV, National Geographic, Star Movies, FOX History, BBC etc. While flipping through channels, I came to see an exclusive interview of Matrika Yadav, a Maoist leader, who revolted against the establishment of Maoists citing their ”advancement” towards parliamentary system and revisionism, on Kantipur TV. Throughout the interview, he was critical of the Maoists establishment and the stance they’re taking about their core goals.

He’s quite right. I feel he’s a man with true revolutionary ideas; not only by words but absolutely on deeds too. While being a minister, he drew lots of criticism from regressive fronts for his acts which were regarded as ‘revolutionary’ by common people. I too, despite being a royalist, could not keep myself from commending him. Later, he was victimized by his own party conspiracy and was forced to resign. He talked lots of things in the interview, such as : Maoists have been deviated from revolutionary ideas, they betrayed the 10-years long ‘People’s War’ by halting it so suddenly, they betrayed thousands of martyrs who sacrificed themselves for revolution during ‘People’s War’. They’ve been transitioned into the revisionist and their rapid transition into parliamentary system has largely disappointed the people who rested their faith and belief with a hope of a revolution, a change which had long been desired and a change which could never be accomplished through parliamentary system in present’s context. But alas! They didn’t do anything even when they were at the helm, except some nascent changes. He really justified why he revolted from his own mother party he was into for decades. And, he has vowed to keep working for people’s sake, giving ‘People’s War’ a continuity until it achieves a desired goal and brings a rule of proletarians.

I know, He alone can’t make any big difference.

But, In the current gloomy political scenario, he has no doubt emerged as a ray of hope among the proletarians who have always been betrayed in the name of so called ”Jana-Aandolan” and revolution for numbers of time, actually since the modern democratic era of the kingdom i.e. 2007 B.S and thereafter. So now, could we rest our belief and hope upon him? Maoists already changed their revolutionary tone and we no longer could expect any change (from them), let alone the so called revolution they had promised to bring. Someone could think me goof: Do you still believe on these legions of corrupt politicians? I don’t but I surely could be hopeful of Yadav.

Jai Matrika Yadav!!!

Sinking Ship

Internet is so ruthless. Where is Myspace now? Answer: Facebook long ago bested it. Once a giant, now it’s network is severely constricted. Recent news has revealed that the total annual revenue of American social utility is far  below the profit level. The major and only demerit of Myspace was users had to design their own pages and generally not all users are good in designing page in the desired way. This often left many users spending their Myspace time not enjoying  but in designing page for hours which was just boring and simply against the purpose of using social networking site i.e. fun & entertainment. 

Myspace now survives on bands’ pages. It’s still the best place for bands and business purposes.


I had had an account registered there years ago, but never used it twice.

Actually, I’m not interested on these social utilities. However, very lately, I registered on Facebook only to be in touch with HER. It’s been months now I"ve not visited there again.

Tech-Pundits predict Facebook could also be bested by Twitter soon. Very lately, Twitter is gaining momentum.


Flicks I Loved This Summer :

* Night At The Museum 2

* District 9

* Ice Age : Dawn Of The Dinosaur.

X-Men :Wolverine was also good. Imo, Hugh Jackman might have the best physique in the Hollywood. District 9 depicts an emotional wrench of a man who accidentally comes in contact with alien’s fluid and finds himself being transformed into an alien. He has to leave his beloved wife and home and is considered ‘highly contagious’ by the authorities and is being hunted. A very dismal story.

I repeated Night At The Museum 2 and Ice Age for more than 2 times, I think. Scene group Noir version of R5 of District 9’s poor audio quality really disappointed me. Thereafter, I only go for movies of 2 CD quality.


Pinet has still not regained it’s ”sanity”? Dunno. But I"m still provided with full 900KB/s of download speed. Internet subscription is going to end this October 20. I almost filled 40+80 GB hard disks with movies and mvids in these weeks.


Sinking Ships – Myspace and Me.

…..and she comes after ages.

I met her. I met her. Yesterday night, I did meet my love. I received her emails too. All I got once. I met her. I met.. I did…I met her…*almost crying*

………..she talked to me…


My long desperate waiting now ends here.

I’m always very very much regretful for my wicked acts and rantings I
used on her when I was collapsed in virtual insanity in those chilly
days of evil winter of 2008. I’m ashamed of my own acts for the rest of my survival.

Now, It’s time to bid adieu to the world?

I never got loved but I did. I do. To someone. SHE!…. Not everyone could love nor get loved. She might be one of the few people for being loved and cared. By someone. That’s me. That’s me. I know that’s me. I emptied myself by devoting all inside me, to her. There’s hardly anything left within now; been so listless all time..I don’t hold any emotion towards people but I still care and love animals; those tortured, exploited, mistreated.

Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal At Risk: Not Far From Terrorist’s Reach!

Talk of reduction of nuclear stockpiles is going on between Russia and United States, the two major boasters of nuclear arsenal. American president Barak Obama has sped this process and has recently been awarded Nobel Peace Prize for this effort among many others. Nobel Peace Committee rests its belief on him hoping better peace and nuclear-free world in coming days though Obama himself has said that prospect of nuclear free world is still ‘impossible’ until some several decades.

While people are being hopeful about Obama’s strategies for world peace, a dark cloud of intense insecurity and possible nuclear disaster is slowly ramping up in southern part of Asia. Recent attack and takeover of powerful Pakistani army headquarter by Muslim militants cements such worries and speculations very much. Militants stormed and took control of headquarter in a most bizarre and stunning incident on last Monday at a time when Pakistani army was said to have debilitated militants in it’s most sophisticated offensive in recent weeks. But militants proved to be more powerful and agile than the army. In previous years, they were only restricted to suicide bombings, storming other civilian offices etc but this time they attacked the heart of powerful Pakistani army. They didn’t storm it only but also took hold of for days. Pakistani army is considered the most powerful institution in the country which has been reigning the largely-Muslim populated country for most of the time of previous decades.

How far is militants’ reach to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal? After this recent siege of army headquarter, one easily could contend: not so far. It would be the most tragic incident in human history if militants  storm and get into nuclear arsenal storage in Pakistan. If they did storm one of the powerful armies in the world, why can’t they attack on nuclear weapon storage and steal it?  My presumption, seeing this scenario though it is thought to be unlikely to happen anytime soon. But the army itself might have been less effective and reactive due to the long stay in power and perhaps, involvement of army officials into corruption, power greed and other irregularities which could lower the agility of the army….And we only could imagine the consequences after the nukes go to terrorists’ hand.

Before too, a chief nuclear designator of Pakistan ( I forgot his name. shite! But he is something ‘Khan’, I’m sure) had traded the technology with Iran and other undisclosed companies and later he was pardoned by then president Pervez Musharraf.

So, It must be guaranteed  that the nuke arsenal in vulnerable countries like Pakistan and India, where terrorists are considerably strong and attacks are often carried out in deadliest manner, will be kept safe and out of reach of terrorists at any cost. Otherwise, we’ve to see our own destruction.

A Great Live Action

I talked about Nobel Peace Prize yesterday and today U.S. President Barack Obama got it. He has drawn more criticisms and surprises than praise for his selection for this coveted honour.

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen, the biggest hit of this summer, has already been available with DVD-ripped copies on p2p sites some weeks ago. However, I, fanatic of sci-fi and adventurous action movies, watched this blockbuster only today noon. It boasts a great live action and such scenes are desirably long and well executed. I think it holds the most advanced live action scenes among the movies in terms of advancements of CGI. It has better live actions than that of it’s predecessor(2007). Michael Bay has portrayed the alien robots quite in a fascinating way. Transformation of Ironhide in Shanghai scene is marvellous.

Despite the critics negative reviews, it became one of the most successful films of 2009.

However, some explicit sexual suggestions have slightly loused up the movie. I think I needn’t refer those here 😉

ROTF : A Great Action.

Why Gandhi Was Not Conferred With Nobel Prize?

Many least-known people have been honoured with Nobel Prizes. Yasir Arafat, Yitzyak Rabbin, Kim Dai Jung etc. along with some other organizations have been conferred with Nobel Peace Prizes. Gandhi… He might be one of the most revered men of the entire mankind. But what kept him from being a Noble Peace prize laureate? Why the pacifist was not honoured with the greatest hounour on the earth?

Norwegians didn’t find him ‘eligible’ for the prize?

He should have been provided with the honour. Norwegians’ decision of not giving away him the prize is highly controversial as well as condemnable.