Has Pinet Gone Mad: Cable Line Of 10mbps!!!

Has Pinet Gone Mad? I’ve been enjoying a full 10mpbs of Internet line for some days. Dunno, If they’ve upgraded their bandwidth or it’s all accidentally and unknowingly. How could Pinet give its users such a mammoth bandwidth? It’s simply not possible as we’ve long been ‘compelled’ to be content with a mere 64kbps of cable line.

I’m downloading loads of movies and mvids. It’s such a joyful time! It’s really pricey! *LoL*

After Dambar Pun, then head honcho of the ISP, moved to Australia, Pinet has not been doing well both in service and performance. This unexpected increase in Internet speed could be linked to this recent phenomenon.

Users often complain about Pinet, and I have also been critical of its slow and poor service; but given the recent supersonic speed, now I commend it : PINET ROCKS! PINET IS THE BEST!! IT IS THE BEST ISP IN NEPAL!!!


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