A Great Live Action

I talked about Nobel Peace Prize yesterday and today U.S. President Barack Obama got it. He has drawn more criticisms and surprises than praise for his selection for this coveted honour.

Transformers : Revenge Of The Fallen, the biggest hit of this summer, has already been available with DVD-ripped copies on p2p sites some weeks ago. However, I, fanatic of sci-fi and adventurous action movies, watched this blockbuster only today noon. It boasts a great live action and such scenes are desirably long and well executed. I think it holds the most advanced live action scenes among the movies in terms of advancements of CGI. It has better live actions than that of it’s predecessor(2007). Michael Bay has portrayed the alien robots quite in a fascinating way. Transformation of Ironhide in Shanghai scene is marvellous.

Despite the critics negative reviews, it became one of the most successful films of 2009.

However, some explicit sexual suggestions have slightly loused up the movie. I think I needn’t refer those here 😉

ROTF : A Great Action.


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