Pakistan’s Nuclear Arsenal At Risk: Not Far From Terrorist’s Reach!

Talk of reduction of nuclear stockpiles is going on between Russia and United States, the two major boasters of nuclear arsenal. American president Barak Obama has sped this process and has recently been awarded Nobel Peace Prize for this effort among many others. Nobel Peace Committee rests its belief on him hoping better peace and nuclear-free world in coming days though Obama himself has said that prospect of nuclear free world is still ‘impossible’ until some several decades.

While people are being hopeful about Obama’s strategies for world peace, a dark cloud of intense insecurity and possible nuclear disaster is slowly ramping up in southern part of Asia. Recent attack and takeover of powerful Pakistani army headquarter by Muslim militants cements such worries and speculations very much. Militants stormed and took control of headquarter in a most bizarre and stunning incident on last Monday at a time when Pakistani army was said to have debilitated militants in it’s most sophisticated offensive in recent weeks. But militants proved to be more powerful and agile than the army. In previous years, they were only restricted to suicide bombings, storming other civilian offices etc but this time they attacked the heart of powerful Pakistani army. They didn’t storm it only but also took hold of for days. Pakistani army is considered the most powerful institution in the country which has been reigning the largely-Muslim populated country for most of the time of previous decades.

How far is militants’ reach to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal? After this recent siege of army headquarter, one easily could contend: not so far. It would be the most tragic incident in human history if militants  storm and get into nuclear arsenal storage in Pakistan. If they did storm one of the powerful armies in the world, why can’t they attack on nuclear weapon storage and steal it?  My presumption, seeing this scenario though it is thought to be unlikely to happen anytime soon. But the army itself might have been less effective and reactive due to the long stay in power and perhaps, involvement of army officials into corruption, power greed and other irregularities which could lower the agility of the army….And we only could imagine the consequences after the nukes go to terrorists’ hand.

Before too, a chief nuclear designator of Pakistan ( I forgot his name. shite! But he is something ‘Khan’, I’m sure) had traded the technology with Iran and other undisclosed companies and later he was pardoned by then president Pervez Musharraf.

So, It must be guaranteed  that the nuke arsenal in vulnerable countries like Pakistan and India, where terrorists are considerably strong and attacks are often carried out in deadliest manner, will be kept safe and out of reach of terrorists at any cost. Otherwise, we’ve to see our own destruction.


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