…..and she comes after ages.

I met her. I met her. Yesterday night, I did meet my love. I received her emails too. All I got once. I met her. I met.. I did…I met her…*almost crying*

………..she talked to me…


My long desperate waiting now ends here.

I’m always very very much regretful for my wicked acts and rantings I
used on her when I was collapsed in virtual insanity in those chilly
days of evil winter of 2008. I’m ashamed of my own acts for the rest of my survival.

Now, It’s time to bid adieu to the world?

I never got loved but I did. I do. To someone. SHE!…. Not everyone could love nor get loved. She might be one of the few people for being loved and cared. By someone. That’s me. That’s me. I know that’s me. I emptied myself by devoting all inside me, to her. There’s hardly anything left within now; been so listless all time..I don’t hold any emotion towards people but I still care and love animals; those tortured, exploited, mistreated.


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