Sinking Ship

Internet is so ruthless. Where is Myspace now? Answer: Facebook long ago bested it. Once a giant, now it’s network is severely constricted. Recent news has revealed that the total annual revenue of American social utility is far  below the profit level. The major and only demerit of Myspace was users had to design their own pages and generally not all users are good in designing page in the desired way. This often left many users spending their Myspace time not enjoying  but in designing page for hours which was just boring and simply against the purpose of using social networking site i.e. fun & entertainment. 

Myspace now survives on bands’ pages. It’s still the best place for bands and business purposes.


I had had an account registered there years ago, but never used it twice.

Actually, I’m not interested on these social utilities. However, very lately, I registered on Facebook only to be in touch with HER. It’s been months now I"ve not visited there again.

Tech-Pundits predict Facebook could also be bested by Twitter soon. Very lately, Twitter is gaining momentum.


Flicks I Loved This Summer :

* Night At The Museum 2

* District 9

* Ice Age : Dawn Of The Dinosaur.

X-Men :Wolverine was also good. Imo, Hugh Jackman might have the best physique in the Hollywood. District 9 depicts an emotional wrench of a man who accidentally comes in contact with alien’s fluid and finds himself being transformed into an alien. He has to leave his beloved wife and home and is considered ‘highly contagious’ by the authorities and is being hunted. A very dismal story.

I repeated Night At The Museum 2 and Ice Age for more than 2 times, I think. Scene group Noir version of R5 of District 9’s poor audio quality really disappointed me. Thereafter, I only go for movies of 2 CD quality.


Pinet has still not regained it’s ”sanity”? Dunno. But I"m still provided with full 900KB/s of download speed. Internet subscription is going to end this October 20. I almost filled 40+80 GB hard disks with movies and mvids in these weeks.


Sinking Ships – Myspace and Me.


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