Could We Trust Him?…A Ray Of Hope

I was quite bad yesterday, and the entry was just worse.

I miss her so much. So much.

Yesterday night, before writing the entry, I was briefly on TV browsing channels. Although I’ve never been a couch potato. I usually spend only little time on TV, most notably on MTV, National Geographic, Star Movies, FOX History, BBC etc. While flipping through channels, I came to see an exclusive interview of Matrika Yadav, a Maoist leader, who revolted against the establishment of Maoists citing their ”advancement” towards parliamentary system and revisionism, on Kantipur TV. Throughout the interview, he was critical of the Maoists establishment and the stance they’re taking about their core goals.

He’s quite right. I feel he’s a man with true revolutionary ideas; not only by words but absolutely on deeds too. While being a minister, he drew lots of criticism from regressive fronts for his acts which were regarded as ‘revolutionary’ by common people. I too, despite being a royalist, could not keep myself from commending him. Later, he was victimized by his own party conspiracy and was forced to resign. He talked lots of things in the interview, such as : Maoists have been deviated from revolutionary ideas, they betrayed the 10-years long ‘People’s War’ by halting it so suddenly, they betrayed thousands of martyrs who sacrificed themselves for revolution during ‘People’s War’. They’ve been transitioned into the revisionist and their rapid transition into parliamentary system has largely disappointed the people who rested their faith and belief with a hope of a revolution, a change which had long been desired and a change which could never be accomplished through parliamentary system in present’s context. But alas! They didn’t do anything even when they were at the helm, except some nascent changes. He really justified why he revolted from his own mother party he was into for decades. And, he has vowed to keep working for people’s sake, giving ‘People’s War’ a continuity until it achieves a desired goal and brings a rule of proletarians.

I know, He alone can’t make any big difference.

But, In the current gloomy political scenario, he has no doubt emerged as a ray of hope among the proletarians who have always been betrayed in the name of so called ”Jana-Aandolan” and revolution for numbers of time, actually since the modern democratic era of the kingdom i.e. 2007 B.S and thereafter. So now, could we rest our belief and hope upon him? Maoists already changed their revolutionary tone and we no longer could expect any change (from them), let alone the so called revolution they had promised to bring. Someone could think me goof: Do you still believe on these legions of corrupt politicians? I don’t but I surely could be hopeful of Yadav.

Jai Matrika Yadav!!!


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