Afghanistan : Another Vietnam?

America is ill-fated, no matter how almighty and omnipotent it is thought to be; I opine. Most significantly, in its centuries long history; Vietnam War, 9/11 and lately Afghanistan war might well suggest my opinion. Don’t you think, America is repeating the same fate which it witnessed in then partitioned Vietnam decades ago? Afghan war has reached it’s 9th year as the troops are struggling to maintain themselves and Talibans are stepping up their insurgency and gaining strength. Goal of America, i.e. depletion (not only ouster) of Taliban and ”eradication” of al-Qaeda, when invading Afghanistan and ousting Taliban seems to be more elusive every other day. Afghans are indeed fighting not their war but America’s.

But, whatever the things are..America is America. The sole symbol of modern human civilization and achievements. I think, humankind still remains unharmed and stands proud even if the whole world but America is destroyed. I wonder, what makes America so powerful in almost every front for so long. Analysts say, India’s sustainable democracy together with well-democratized army has been preserving huge India’s integrity and preventing it from collapse for this long. What makes America to remain omnipotent in the world then? Federalism? It’s mighty army of millions? It’s huge economic influence? nuclear arsenal?…… May be, Capitalism with well-practiced multiparty democracy and market economy is more sustainable and beneficial than totalitarian communism. What you think?

I sound arts student more than of engineering; my friends say. It’s an absurd irony that I always loved studying arts but ended up in civil engineering. Now, it’s too, troubled.

Sometimes I think good and find myself relishing the moments. Actually, her latest response has made me feel so. But most of time, I just can’t pull myself out of the abyss of ‘inferiority complex’ and morbid thoughts. I’m not yet succumb to it but I don’t think I could take it longer…..I fantasize, if I were Davy Jones of ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘. Jones detaches his heart and locks into a chest, thinking he wouldn’t be able to bear the pain when his love Calypso betrays him. I just wish, I were him.


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