A Passion For Magazines

I’m quite much fanatical about reading
magazines since childhood. You know, I already had read several issues of ‘Bimochan’, a popular magazine esp. for youth even before I was a 7th grade student. My dad was quite conscious about reading stuffs, such as magazines and he would think it helps children develop their mental skill, knowledge, personality etc. Ironically, he himself pays little attention to such stuffs.

Until a year ago, we’re
subscribed to TKP, and now ‘Nagarik Daily’ feed us. But, dad prefers updating himself on TV and radio news more. Dinesh dai also
doesn’t go deep into them (newspapers). He thinks they only supply drivels.

previous years, I sent several articles,comments, letters to TKP, Himal
etc. and they were published too. I once had my article published under
‘Post Platform’ column in TKP, but with extensive editing. Damn!
Pratik Pradhan. Ha Ha.  It was about animal sacrifice.

I’ve uploaded some mvids in Music Videos folder. Actually, mm I was looking for some DVD ripped mvids
in the big two ( mininova and the piratebay) but didn’t find any despite my
extensive searches. Thanks to rlslog.net, finally I found all them
there. And now, I’ve uploaded them here. Kanye West’s Amazing, Mariah Carey’s Obsessed (Part 1, Part 2) and The Dream’s My Love (Part 1, Part 2) are some of them.


don’t think ongoing Maoists’ ”Aandolan” will bring any substantive
result which ease the current political impasse. But still, we
could be a little more hopeful about Maoists than stinking UML and NC. I
know, and I’ve long ago contended after seeing all these unhealthy
political practices that I  really don’t expect any big changes from
Maoists’ side too. Let’s not talk about UML and NC, they’re despicable. I hate them. I disdain them.


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