I Wish I Were Davy Jones

I was really waiting for her to appear online all day and it’d been days I’d not talked to her. Much to my happiness, she finally turned up this evening. I’m feeling really good. I’m kind of consoled.

But, sudden power failure (actually it’s a regular power shedding) in the middle of our convo ruined my mood later. (It only came after 2 hours.)

I know, all these absurdity of my strong feeling can’t help me. *sighs* ……Ni, I LOVE YOU.



America’s jobless rate now hits more than 10 percent, worst since 80s. America is sinking though it’s been said that the recession, worst since the ‘Great Depression’ of 30s, is apparently over? Now, America has the highest unemployment rate among the developed countries.  How’s Nepal’s then? It must be between 30-45 percent, I guess. You know exact rate? Sorry, I’m more concerned to international affairs than domestic ones.


You can’t miss your love always. I wish I were Davy Jones. I wish I also could remove my heart so as to not bear pain of losing love anymore. I wanna be Jones. I wanna be him.


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