Talibans Are Winning!

Talibans are winning their war. Hey wait, may be not in battlefield but by psychologically. Foreign missions in Afghanistan are now blaming Afghanistan’s corrupt system for immense surge in insurgency in recent days. Actually, public opinion and faith towards the system is greatly waning and they instead start seeing Taliban insurgency a result of malfunction of corrupt governmental institutions. Thus, It seems Talibans are gradually making progress in justifying their violence which  could be deemed their psychological victory over the NATO forces and Afghan establishment.  Very recently, the UN is pulling out some hundreds of its workers from war-ravaged country citing grave insecurity of its employees cos of government’s failure to contain the corruption which it thinks is fueling the insurgency.

The path ahead is not peachy for President Karzai. He has long been a target of international condemnation for his incompetence to curb graft,bribery,corruption and other irregularities in the system.


Deary Diary, um you’ve been my great friend who I share my life with; not just feelings,news and things; many more indeed. You don’t know you’ve been such a great friend to me. Don’t you think you’ve completely ”digitalized” me? Think, I was scrawling on a diary every night before retiring. How that would have been?

Life’s been a hardship since then. Yea.. Dear Diary, it’s been. What’s bliss, happiness, Where to find it? How to cherish life? Where to find an ‘excuse’ of living? What’s love? etc etc…..I just get overwhelmed. But very sadly, the world is full of betrayals. No one is trustworthy. Really, no one is. I really can’t get into the crowd of these f*****s. Much to my disappointment, I didn’t find anyone single of my kind.

And, I prefer being in seclusion.

Dear Diary, you know well, and you might be one of very very few people who know me well. You know well, my strong feeling for someone. I kept pouring all my emotions, feelings right here on your pages for someone; I love. Does it not irate you? Do you not think I love her much more than I do you? ….Just fantasizing. Be Happy OK.


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