In Depths Of Despair

Dear Diary, I almost cried this evening. I’ve been such a wretch, abandoned and despised from all around. I’m really despicable by both my mind and looks? What hurts me much is, my love and care (for her) was never felt. It was only slighted. I now completely drown into an immense despair.

May be, I got what I had deserved.

Dear Diary, Perhaps, I’m writing my final words in here in your warm pages which I’ve been so much acquainted with for years. Dearest Diary, I know we simply can’t control things but at the very least, I think we could make some influences over them and exploit them to our advantages. What you think? But, alas! I neither could influence them nor exploit, I even couldn’t hold sway over my own acts (like my love for her). I let things go worse and past me day by day in front of my own very eyes and I’ve been just a piteous spectator of my own doom.


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