The Big Apple


New York, a dream city of everyone in the world. And, Jay-Z in his latest single raps for the big apple with Alicia Keys : Empire State Of Mind. Why he didn’t take his own Beyonce for the chorus? 

Fabolous ft. The Dream-Throw It In The Bag is also great.

French DJ David Guetta’s  ‘Sexy B***h’ (by Akon) is now termed as ‘Sexy Chick’.


Stupid Assessment

Forbes has just published a list of most powerful persons in the planet. Barack Obama has topped the rank, Hu Jintao in second and so on..But one thing I find funny is their judgment about Obama. Like this one : Commander-in-chief of planet’s richest, deadliest military. Really? But that ”deadliest military’ is yet to overpower nascent force of Taliban for so many years! And another one : Finger on button of nuclear arsenal containing more than 5,000 warheads. Really? He is gonna press it? Yet, Russia might outnumbers America in nuke warheads.

Anyway, there are some quite interesting assessments on the people of the list. Check them on


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