Sullied Miss Nepal


Nearly a year ago, She had added an entry about Miss Nepal competition expressing her view, which was all but moderate to so called beauty pageant of only such kind in Nepal. Actually, She’s in favour of it, and It was only sometimes later I somewhat convinced her of the bad aspects of the contest.

It in fact is a dirty competition. It’s too evident. Recently declared Miss Nepal Zenisha Moktan was once notoriously in the spotlight because of her sex video and other porn-related activities. Nearly a decade ago, Kalpana Kunwar, the then contestant of the pageant had said she didn’t win the crown because she refused to go nude in front of ‘Jury’ in an enclosed room. She was widely anticipated as the possible winner of the competition.

That could be her exaggeration to express her wrath and anger on the organisers for her defeat, but that indicates something dirty is going on with the much hyped beauty pageant nevertheless. We can’t deny the fact of sexual exploitation of the contestants. Moreover, all of such participants and winners are either from modelling or other glamour-related fields (and we know these fields’ standard in Nepal well!) and not  single one is from academic and intellectual field.

 After being ‘crowned’, they ‘vow’ to work for nation. They drive  some handful of drooling guys crazy; that’s what all they could do ‘for nation’.


One response to “Sullied Miss Nepal

  1. maile pani testai sunthe but not sure. tara pani contest ko nam ma exploitation hunu chahi that\’s worst.

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