2012 is going to be disastrous? Will it really witness a doomsday as it is being predicted? Mayan calender is going to end that year. I’m yet to watch ‘2012’, a Hollywood blockbuster released on 13th November but Joshua Keating’s analysis The End Of The World (on foreignpolicy.com) is great to go through. What I love most about his analysis is we ourselves are making the world more insecure and prone to the apocalypse every next day. Climate change, more organized terrorism, environmental pollutions etc. no doubt could be proved lethal to entire mankind which eventually bring a real apocalypse. Moreover, every things and beings under the sun must end for something new to happen; Marxist view.


My Blue Mate

Before I decided on Yamaha Gladiator SS, some were suggesting me to buy Fz or R15, both from Yamaha. I don’t like Fz and R15 was more expensive. So, I ‘compromised’ on blue Gladiator SS. And, Yamaha has always been my fave for two-wheeler.

A Great Job

She has decided to donate her eyes posthumously. It’s really great. She’s really taken a great initiative towards social service and welfare. My affection (along with respect) to her is deepening further with her latest foray into this social work. Ni, whatever you think as to me, you’re always very very special to me and I know you’ve been my sole inspiration. Now, I’m even more proud of you. Hail You!!!

I’ve Got My Money, Let’s Spend It Up!

Dad wanted to take a photo of us from a good cameraman. He took us to Mahendrapool and we spent thousands for a framed portrait. Besides this, we spent considerable amount of money for other shopping. Now, I think that we ‘spent’ money, not used. And, It was not really wise.


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