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It’s About Necktie: Do You Know Why

Jeans was banned in North Korea. Jeans is considered as symbol of America in North Korea and Koreans think it represents American imperialism. I think, blue denim is still not allowed there.

What about necktie and jacket?! They also originated in the West. American hegemony is receding and China is emerging as the world superpower. Barack Obama and Hu-Jintao are not the only persons in the contemporary world who could influence the world. There is actually a small group of other world leaders too who also make news not less than that of American and Chinese president. Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Jacob Zuma etc. are some prominent figures from developing world. I first read about late ’50s Cuban Revolution when I was in 8th grade. The book was authored by Rajendra Maharjan, a leftist writer and analyst.

Let’s talk about some key international political personalities. I loved Sarah Palin’s fringe. Hillary Clinton’s innocent childlike face always attracted me. I like Gordon Brown’s debonair personality much, and Barack Obama’s simplicity influences me. Leave it, I’m gonna talk something else here:

I sometimes wonder but yet to find answers except of my crude speculation about following (stupid?) queries :

Why Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez always wears red necktie?! I don’t know. But I guess, this strong critic of America is a leftist and red colour represents leftist (revolutionary) spirit.

Why Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never wears necktie even in formal occasions?! I don’t know why this hardliner holds so much of contempt to necktie. Necktie is not forbidden in the Islamic republic.

(Pictures taken from elsewhere in the web)

I just wonder why?! You know why?!


Blogging: No More?!

Internet has progressed a lot since it’s inception (invention?) decades ago. Internet, limited only within IMs, webpages and emails until late ’90s witnessed several spin-offs such as: blogging, social-networking etc. in later years. Blogging brought a kind of revolution in the cyberworld.

But…Blogging will be no more?! hm? Blogs esp. personal ones are being subverted with terse texts on Facebook or Twitter in recent years. There was a time, when AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail!’ ruled the Internet. Then came an epoch of blogging which helped shape the Internet in modern days. It became a career, It took a professional leap. But overwhelming popularity of social networking sites in after-years have overshadowed blogs which are often lengthy and bulky compared to concise scribbles on such social utilities. Blogging may never lose its relevance to Facebook or Twitter but it has largely been downsized, nonetheless. People surely prefer reading their concerned fellows in a single page on Twitter than spending time on bulky blog entries. Sarah Palin updates herself on Twitter. Actor Gerard Butler long ago stopped writing his blog.

It is not anything new, though. From the Marxist view of the world, the world is dynamic and everything and being is under a constant flux to achieve a newer stage. Humanity developed from bestiality, capitalism replaced feudalism, CD outdated Audio Cassette, DVD replaced VHS and so on… Friendster, the then popular social networking utility has become a history now, for MySpace bested it. Later, MySpace was also undermined by Facebook. It seems, in coming days, Twittering vigorously rules the Net.

Blogging esp. professional one is not dead yet nor will be. I know, It is being left dormant but I rule out any possibility of its outright fall. I still love scrawling my days on this page rather than on Twitter or Facebook. I do what I think could provide me a little peace and pleasure and that’s what I’ve been doing and want to. I don’t think I’m blogging. I love calling it a diary, not really a blog. I don’t know what exactly blogging is. I know more on cement, steel bars, surveying, estimation and valuation than on these IT things. *Laughs*

स्मृतिमा श्री 5 वीरेन्द्र

Push 14, birthday of late King Birendra. He died in a tragic royal massacre at the black night of Jeth 19, 2058 BS. It’s true, night is always black and that’s why cruel.

Perpetrators of the carnage are yet to surface, let alone the punishment they ‘must’ undergo. State of impunity in this troubled country is only getting worse and there is not any sign of it to wear off.

Commemoration to the revered beloved king!

Quest For Peace

Computer was left unused for several days. Dinesh dai almost doesn’t use it in recent days and I was more distressed and distracted. I’m still searching for my elusive internal peace.

Outlook Express was packed with bulk of emails. Aha! C.K. Lal has replied me. Almost all emails are newsletters from some news-related sites and they cater me every morning.

I’ve still not moved to Kathmandu. I don’t think I could make the move anytime soon, for some family affairs have wrangled us. Dinesh dai will wed this winter if things go okay. His marriage has long been talked and it is one of the most expected marriages in our Khanal family. He has already completed his masters degree and now lectures in a college and also works for a manufacturing company. He has also attended exams for M. Phil. Mom wants him marry a girl who at least is doing her masters. Dad prefers going for a professional one. Several proposals have been presented. Actually, proposals have been presented to us since long, years earlier even when he was doing his bachelor. Until some months ago, he had thought of going abroad but he gave up later.

Nearly, at the same time, we will be enjoying our ‘Kul-Pooja’ this Fagun. I don’t love this ceremony much which is held in every 4 years as I’ve been only a helpless spectator of ruthless killings of innocent male goats in the name of sacred sacrifice. Some years earlier, I even proposed to boycott the killing spree and go for alternate ritual but it was slighted and I just can’t always argue with my parents-like seniors. I only could wish someday this bloody ritual will be stopped.

How is she? Hope, she’s peachy there.

निभेको दियो

देशको अवस्था देख्दा पनि दिक्क लाग्छ । साँच्चै, नेपाल यति सारो अराजक र अनिश्चित अवस्थामा यस अघि कहिल्यै थिएन होला । देशलाई सहमतिको राजनीतिमार्फत एउटा निकास दिनुपर्ने बेलामा सबै आआफ्नै डम्फु बजाउन लागिपरेका छन् । एकाथरि बेमौसमको गणराज्य घोषणाको बाजा बजाउँदै छन् । अर्काथरिहरु चीर निद्रामा सुतिरहेझैं भान हुन्छ, मानौं देशमा व्याप्त यतिबिघ्न अराजकता र भद्रगोलबाट ऊनीहरु किन्चित पनि जानकार छैनन् । हुन पनि काँग्रेसएमालेका तारे होटलमा लन्च र डिनर खाने अनि अकुत भ्रष्टाचार; विश्व ब्याँक, मुद्रा कोष र विदेशी गैरसरकारी सँघसँस्थाहरुको डलरले मोटाएकाहरुबाट हामीले के अपेक्षा गर्ने ? दिनभरी ज्याला मजदुरी गरेर दुईछाक टार्न धौधौ हुने करोडौं नेपालीहरुको समस्या कसले बुझिदिने ? दशवर्षे जनयुद्धले पक्कै पनि आशाको दियो बालेको थियो तर त्यो पनि अहिले आएर निभिसकेको छ । माओवादीहरुबाट पनि धेरै आशा गर्ने अवस्था अब रहेन । पश्चिम नेपालका कन्चन र हरिया पहाडहरुबाट शुरु भएको एउटा महान क्रान्तिलाई माओवादी नेताहरुले काठमाडौंको गन्हाउने र कुरुप बाग्मतीमा ल्याएर बिसर्जन गरिदिए ।

सँबैधानिक भनिएका कथित राष्ट्रपति अहिले आएर आफ्नो भुमिकाको खोजी गर्दै छन् । पछिल्लो समयमा बढेको उनको गतिबिधिले दलहरुको अकर्मण्यताले उनको महत्वकाङ्क्षा चुलिएको अनुमान गर्न सकिन्छ । झन् त्यसमाथि सँविधान नै नबन्ने सम्भावनाले सँविधानसभाको औचित्य के हुने भन्ने सवाल यतिखेर छ । शायद यादव महोदय जेठ १४, २०६७ पछिको आफ्नो भुमिकाको लागि तयार भएर बसेका होलान् । यस्तो चौतर्फी सँकट र भद्रगोलको अवस्थामा दलका प्रमुख नेताहरु भने अपत्यारिलो रुपमा निश्चिन्त देखिन्छन् । देश र जनताको भलाईको लागि, चिन्तनको लागि आफ्नो सम्पुर्ण समय खर्चिनु पर्ने पुष्पकमल दाहाल प्रचण्डएउटा मामुली कार्यक्रममा घण्टौं बिताईदिन्छन्। अस्तिको नेवा गणराज्यघोषणा कार्यक्रममा कैयौं घण्टा ऊनी मन्चमा हलचल नगरी बसे । के त्यो समय अरु कुनै उत्पादनशील कार्यमा लगाउन सकिन्नथ्यो ? उनको एउटा सानो प्रयास र कामले मात्रै पनि जनता र समग्र देशमा ठूलो प्रभाव पार्न सक्छ । तर त्यस्तो महत्वपुर्ण समय उनले फगत मन्चमा बसेर बिताईदिए । नेताहरु मात्र किन ! हामी आँफै पनि कुनै काम गर्नुभन्दा बरु दिनभरी पलेटी मारेर नेताहरुको भाषण सुन्न तयार छौं । ख्वै समयको महत्व ? यी एमालेकाँग्रेसको त के कुरा गर्नु ! २०४७ सालदेखि नेपाल र नेपाली जनतामाथि यिनिहरुले बलात्कार गरिरहेका छन्, लुट मच्चाईरहेका छन् । लावालस्कर लिएर प्रधानमन्त्री माधव नेपाल हप्तौं लामो कोपनहेगन भ्रमणमा निस्किएका छन् । देशमा यस्तो सँकटको बेलामा मुलुकको प्रमुख कार्यकारी यति लामो विदेश भ्रमणमा किन जानुपर्ने ? सरकारी सम्पत्ती स्वाहा पारेर सम्मेलनमा सरोकार नै नभएका स्वास्थ्य मन्त्री, सँस्कृति मन्त्री, अर्थ मन्त्री, परराष्ट्र मन्त्री लगायतका अरु जन्तीहरु किन जानुपर्ने ? तिनिहरु किन बुझ्दैनन, यस्तो घिनलाग्दो कार्यले अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय स्तरमा नेपालको साख गिरेको ? सबै चोरै चोर । त्यो उपप्रधानमन्त्री  विजय गच्छदारले प्रत्येकलाई महिनाको तीसौं हजार तिरेर फोरम (यादव) पक्षका दुईजना सभासद्लाई किनेर राखेको छ । कति घिनलाग्दो कुरा ! सबै चोरै चोर । किन कसैले देशको बारेमा सोच्दैन ? किन कसैले जनताको व्यथा बुझ्दैन ? दोष राजनीतिक दल र नेताहरुको मात्र होईन, सदियौंदेखि जनताको पसिनामा रजाईं गरेर बसेको पश्चगामी नोकरशाहीको पनि हो

अघि हिमाल खबरपत्रिकामा तराईको विपन्न दलित बस्तीको दयनीय अवस्थाबारेको रिपोर्टिङ् पढ्दै गर्दा मन अमिलो भयो । भोको पेटले राजनीति, राष्ट्रियता, सँविधानसभा, कालापत्थर बैठक, ‘ नयाँ नेपाल‘, गणराज्य घोषणा आदिईत्यादि होईन, एक छाक भात खोज्छ । जबसम्म यी आधारभुत आवश्यकता पुरा हुँदैनन तबसम्म कथित राष्ट्रियता, सँविधानसभा, ‘नयाँ नेपाल‘, राजनीति, गणराज्य घोषणा आदि कुराहरुको कुनै अर्थ रहन्न । मार्क्स भन्छन्, मानिसले राजनीति, अधिकार, धर्म, दर्शन ईत्यादिको लागि त्यतिबेला मात्र अग्रसरता लिन्छ, जब उसका आधारभुत आवश्यकता (खानु, पिउनु, लगाउनु अनि बसोबास) पुरा भईसकेका हुन्छन् ।……. मोटरसाईकल चढ्ने मान्छेले पेट्रोलमा भएको केही रुपियाँको मुल्यवृद्धिलाई सहज रुपमा लिनुपर्छ, लिन सक्छ । एल.पी. ग्याँसमा खाना पकाउने गृहिणीलाई ग्याँसमा भएको केही सय रुपियाँको मुल्यवृद्धिबाट त्यति ठूलो समस्या नपर्ला । किनकि त्यो हदसम्मको सुविधा उपयोग गर्नेहरुले अलिकति बढी तिर्न पक्कै सक्छन् । तर यहाँ समस्या त ती करोडौं गरिब अनि दीन: दुखीहरुको हो, जसको घरमा टुकी बाल्नलाई मट्टीतेल समेतको अभाव छ, खानलाई चामल छैन, पानी छेक्ने छानो छैन ।  एक्काईसौं शताब्दीको जति नै ढ्वाङ्ग फुके पनि बहुसँख्यक  हामी
नेपालीहरु अझै पनि मानव विकासको त्यो प्रथम चरणमै छौं, जहाँ जिविकाको लागि
मान्छेको संघर्ष, प्रतिस्पर्धा प्रकृतिसँग हुन्थ्यो

कहिलेकाहीं म सोच्छु, माओवादी नेता डा. बाबुराम भट्टराई जस्तै कर्मठ र प्रतिबद्ध अनि मातृका यादवजस्ता क्रान्तिकारी नेताहरु यो देशमा भैदिए कस्तो हुन्थ्यो होला ! हुन त उनलाई (भट्टराई)पनि सँसदवादी र भारतपरस्त नेताको आरोप नलाग्ने होईन ।

काठमाडौं फोहोर झुपडपट्टी बाट एउटा वास्तविक शहर कहिले बन्ने ? पोखराले पनि बिस्तारै आफ्नो सौन्दर्य गुमाउँदै छ , तर कसैलाई मतलब छैन । सबै चोरै चोर । यो सिष्टमयति खत्तम किन ? कोही करोडौंको मालिक छन्, कसैको एउटा टुक्रो जमीन छैन तर परिश्रम त्यही एक टुक्रो जमीन नहुनेले बढी गरेको हुन्छ । एउटा गीत नै छ, रामेशले गाएको: ‘कोही त भने जहाजमा हरर, कोहीको भने पसिना तरर, हाम्रो नेपालमा। राज्य शक्ति र सत्ताको दुरुपयोग गरेर मोटाएका ती सबै सामन्त, नोकरशाह र पुँजीपतिहरुको सम्पति गरिबहरुलाई बाँडीदिनुपर्छ । पुँजीपतिहरुको घरजग्गा, सम्पत्ती कब्जा गरेर माओवादीले जनयुद्धकालमा सराहनीय कार्य गरेको थियो । मानौं, कसैसँग 100 रुपैयाँ छ । उसलाई 25 रुपैयाँले काम चल्छ भने बाँकि 75 रुपैयाँ अरु तीन गरिबहरुलाई बाँड्न सकिन्छ, जसको जीवन केही मीठोमसिनो खाने र राम्रो लगाउने सुदुर आशामा दिनरात मेहनतमजदुरी गर्दैमा बित्छ । सबैजना बराबर हुनुपर्छ । धनीको सम्पत्ति गरिबलाई बाँड्नु स्वभाविक हो ।

यो सिष्टमयति खत्तम किन ? किन ? यो सिष्टमविरुद्ध किन घृणा र आक्रोश मात्र उब्जन्छ ?

साँच्चै, हामी भौतिक विकास र प्रगतिले मात्र होईन, विचारले पनि दरिद्र छौं ।

Bleak Winter and Dec.15, 2008

Winter has arrived and it’s just bleak and coldest. I shiver. Today is Dec. 15 and Just a year ago on this day, ‘the apocalypse’ happened on me. That coldest night, I was shivering. I was shivering and rooted to the spot where I was standing still. For hours. The next day, it was more bleaker than that evil night. Sun rose and there everywhere was light but I found myself engulfed in the complete dark. The world had changed, not knowing it I cried copious tears…My dreams were shattered. For the first time, I felt an excruciating pain. I went mad, hurt forever. I started hating people. I started hating women. I actually died the very night. Why I’ve been seeking for a good sleep of mere 2 hours? I never got my sanity back since then…

Don’t know what to do. How to manage this battered life. I can’t do anything. Have no confidence, courage, guts. I’ve become a living dead. I feel like crying every time I remember this; it is so desolate. It’s been difficult for me to live than to die.

The End of an Age

.org closed? I was like ‘oh no’ when I last time visited the site.

Worst to our disappointment and a great blow to file sharing community; is brought down by those (authorities) who are against a greater aspect of Internet, who are against the wide use of Internet, i.e. file sharing. Supernova was already closed and now Mininova. The pirate is already under the legal scrutiny of the authorities. Dunno how many other such p2p portals will be victim of these biased and ill approach. But till date, mininova was the single trusted bit-torrent site after the fall of Supernova. Now, it’s too closed.

An anonymous user replies over its closure : ”It has been a pleasure knowing that in this world, a few people could rise above the issues of self profit and maintain a website that would provide almost everything for millions of people to download.” was the only torrent site (and sometimes I’v been visiting for years till today. Actually, I visit the site almost everyday. But now the site is closed and the millions in file sharing community are left saddened. created an age in the Internet and now the age is gone. It’s so melancholic.

Will it ever resurrect? Dunno but It’s time to bid farewell to this much loved portal forever. Goodbye mininova! We loved, love and will keep loving. We always miss you. RIP mininova.