Guilt That I Never Felt Before

Talks of climate change have overshadowed the issue of terrorism these days. The horror of 2012 might also have somewhat fueled the discussion of climate change because we ourselves are making the world prone to cataclysm with our bad activities such as: emission of green house gases etc. While discussion of climate change is gaining momentum, terrorism’s issue is apparently confined only within the perimeter of Afghan insurgency and it concerns only America and some other countries. Iraq issue is already over (or slighted?). I think, Afghan insurgency and America’s occupation there are losing their relevance in the height of discussion of climate change. I think, America just doesn’t want to nab Osama Bin Laden nor zap Talibans because it doesn’t want to lose the grip and influence over middle Asia including former Soviet states in the name of Afghan insurgency. I wonder what hinders America from containing Talibans and nabbing Bin Laden? It has its NATO force of more than 1,00,000 stationed there along with Afghan military and US Army is considered the mightiest military in the world. Geopolitics has changed alot since the collapse of Soviet Union and America wants to spawn its influence not only in Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia and Latin Ameirca (they are already under US influence) but also in Mid-Asia including former Soviet states,India etc.

The recent Cabinet meeting in Kalapaththar was a good job which has shown the world Nepal’s concern to climate change and the adverse effect it would suffer from the phenomenon despite being a negligible contributor of green house gases. We know, the Himalayan is ‘endangered’.


I was feeling so bad and guilty after I accidenlty locked her email ID the day before yesterday. I’d not meet her for days and I was just getting worse and all that came to happen. Thank God, it all went fine later. She forgave me. Had never felt that much of guilt before.

While People were thronging in ‘National Industrial and Business Fair-2066’, I made myself some time out of my ‘schedule’ for a visit to a sequestered place, and for some buyings. And yeah today I also have my hair and beard trimmed at a salon in Chipledhunga. Actually, hair and beard were uncut for months (beard for weeks). I think I never have had such badly dishevelled beard before. Actually, I was always ignorant to my looks and I used to have dishevelled appearance for most of time except for formal occassions.

(Longest and dishevelled beard I had)

You know what, It has not been even a month since 2012 first released on Nov 11, But its R5 with line audio has just been released by a new scene group. I’m downloading it. Check


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