The End of an Age

.org closed? I was like ‘oh no’ when I last time visited the site.

Worst to our disappointment and a great blow to file sharing community; is brought down by those (authorities) who are against a greater aspect of Internet, who are against the wide use of Internet, i.e. file sharing. Supernova was already closed and now Mininova. The pirate is already under the legal scrutiny of the authorities. Dunno how many other such p2p portals will be victim of these biased and ill approach. But till date, mininova was the single trusted bit-torrent site after the fall of Supernova. Now, it’s too closed.

An anonymous user replies over its closure : ”It has been a pleasure knowing that in this world, a few people could rise above the issues of self profit and maintain a website that would provide almost everything for millions of people to download.” was the only torrent site (and sometimes I’v been visiting for years till today. Actually, I visit the site almost everyday. But now the site is closed and the millions in file sharing community are left saddened. created an age in the Internet and now the age is gone. It’s so melancholic.

Will it ever resurrect? Dunno but It’s time to bid farewell to this much loved portal forever. Goodbye mininova! We loved, love and will keep loving. We always miss you. RIP mininova.


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