Bleak Winter and Dec.15, 2008

Winter has arrived and it’s just bleak and coldest. I shiver. Today is Dec. 15 and Just a year ago on this day, ‘the apocalypse’ happened on me. That coldest night, I was shivering. I was shivering and rooted to the spot where I was standing still. For hours. The next day, it was more bleaker than that evil night. Sun rose and there everywhere was light but I found myself engulfed in the complete dark. The world had changed, not knowing it I cried copious tears…My dreams were shattered. For the first time, I felt an excruciating pain. I went mad, hurt forever. I started hating people. I started hating women. I actually died the very night. Why I’ve been seeking for a good sleep of mere 2 hours? I never got my sanity back since then…

Don’t know what to do. How to manage this battered life. I can’t do anything. Have no confidence, courage, guts. I’ve become a living dead. I feel like crying every time I remember this; it is so desolate. It’s been difficult for me to live than to die.


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