Quest For Peace

Computer was left unused for several days. Dinesh dai almost doesn’t use it in recent days and I was more distressed and distracted. I’m still searching for my elusive internal peace.

Outlook Express was packed with bulk of emails. Aha! C.K. Lal has replied me. Almost all emails are newsletters from some news-related sites and they cater me every morning.

I’ve still not moved to Kathmandu. I don’t think I could make the move anytime soon, for some family affairs have wrangled us. Dinesh dai will wed this winter if things go okay. His marriage has long been talked and it is one of the most expected marriages in our Khanal family. He has already completed his masters degree and now lectures in a college and also works for a manufacturing company. He has also attended exams for M. Phil. Mom wants him marry a girl who at least is doing her masters. Dad prefers going for a professional one. Several proposals have been presented. Actually, proposals have been presented to us since long, years earlier even when he was doing his bachelor. Until some months ago, he had thought of going abroad but he gave up later.

Nearly, at the same time, we will be enjoying our ‘Kul-Pooja’ this Fagun. I don’t love this ceremony much which is held in every 4 years as I’ve been only a helpless spectator of ruthless killings of innocent male goats in the name of sacred sacrifice. Some years earlier, I even proposed to boycott the killing spree and go for alternate ritual but it was slighted and I just can’t always argue with my parents-like seniors. I only could wish someday this bloody ritual will be stopped.

How is she? Hope, she’s peachy there.


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