Blogging: No More?!

Internet has progressed a lot since it’s inception (invention?) decades ago. Internet, limited only within IMs, webpages and emails until late ’90s witnessed several spin-offs such as: blogging, social-networking etc. in later years. Blogging brought a kind of revolution in the cyberworld.

But…Blogging will be no more?! hm? Blogs esp. personal ones are being subverted with terse texts on Facebook or Twitter in recent years. There was a time, when AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail!’ ruled the Internet. Then came an epoch of blogging which helped shape the Internet in modern days. It became a career, It took a professional leap. But overwhelming popularity of social networking sites in after-years have overshadowed blogs which are often lengthy and bulky compared to concise scribbles on such social utilities. Blogging may never lose its relevance to Facebook or Twitter but it has largely been downsized, nonetheless. People surely prefer reading their concerned fellows in a single page on Twitter than spending time on bulky blog entries. Sarah Palin updates herself on Twitter. Actor Gerard Butler long ago stopped writing his blog.

It is not anything new, though. From the Marxist view of the world, the world is dynamic and everything and being is under a constant flux to achieve a newer stage. Humanity developed from bestiality, capitalism replaced feudalism, CD outdated Audio Cassette, DVD replaced VHS and so on… Friendster, the then popular social networking utility has become a history now, for MySpace bested it. Later, MySpace was also undermined by Facebook. It seems, in coming days, Twittering vigorously rules the Net.

Blogging esp. professional one is not dead yet nor will be. I know, It is being left dormant but I rule out any possibility of its outright fall. I still love scrawling my days on this page rather than on Twitter or Facebook. I do what I think could provide me a little peace and pleasure and that’s what I’ve been doing and want to. I don’t think I’m blogging. I love calling it a diary, not really a blog. I don’t know what exactly blogging is. I know more on cement, steel bars, surveying, estimation and valuation than on these IT things. *Laughs*


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