It’s About Necktie: Do You Know Why

Jeans was banned in North Korea. Jeans is considered as symbol of America in North Korea and Koreans think it represents American imperialism. I think, blue denim is still not allowed there.

What about necktie and jacket?! They also originated in the West. American hegemony is receding and China is emerging as the world superpower. Barack Obama and Hu-Jintao are not the only persons in the contemporary world who could influence the world. There is actually a small group of other world leaders too who also make news not less than that of American and Chinese president. Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Fidel Castro, Jacob Zuma etc. are some prominent figures from developing world. I first read about late ’50s Cuban Revolution when I was in 8th grade. The book was authored by Rajendra Maharjan, a leftist writer and analyst.

Let’s talk about some key international political personalities. I loved Sarah Palin’s fringe. Hillary Clinton’s innocent childlike face always attracted me. I like Gordon Brown’s debonair personality much, and Barack Obama’s simplicity influences me. Leave it, I’m gonna talk something else here:

I sometimes wonder but yet to find answers except of my crude speculation about following (stupid?) queries :

Why Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez always wears red necktie?! I don’t know. But I guess, this strong critic of America is a leftist and red colour represents leftist (revolutionary) spirit.

Why Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad never wears necktie even in formal occasions?! I don’t know why this hardliner holds so much of contempt to necktie. Necktie is not forbidden in the Islamic republic.

(Pictures taken from elsewhere in the web)

I just wonder why?! You know why?!


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