The Best Film Of 2009

It’s been long, I’ve lost communication with her. Her remembrances are just getting worse. Dunno, when she turns up. No one, not even she, knows how I’ve been subsisting on her every single word scribbled either in email, SMS (long ago) or instant-message. This is utter ridiculous, people might laugh at me. But I DON’T CARE. F**K THEM ALL. No one knows, and again not even she, how much inspiration she could be to me, to help calm me. Let alone the love I hold, for it’s already been largely overshadowed by some of my own stupid acts I performed as I plummeted into complete madness in the aftermath of the ‘apocalypse’. Now, I’m paying the price of what I did. It’s so distressing. I could do nothing but repenting contritely. But, there’s no one to understand. There’s hardly anyone who could understand in what circumstance I was made to act. It’s so sad.

The Worst Cinema Experience

I even didn’t know Titanic’s titan and Terminator’s talent James Cameron’s much hyped sci-fi epic ‘Avatar‘ was already on local theatre. The Obamas also watched this blockbuster during their Christmas holiday in Hawaii. My cousins in Kathmandu told me they already watched it. How could I be an exception! Anticipating a great movie experience, this noon, after years, I went to a local theatre in Tersapatti. But I was left quite disappointed soon after seconds I entered the hall. I know, our poorly managed theatres lack technology to exploit this 3D state-of-the-art movie with it’s full taste. But still, I had hoped some decent 2D screening…….Damn it, the show was so poor that I nearly left the hall even before the film concludes. Audio was dubbed with Hindi voice, picture was so blurred and darkened. Sound system was so raucous and piercing that sometimes I had to close my ears to avoid being inflicted hard with it.  All my expectations met a sharp downturn. I wasted time and money for NOTHING. I somehow spent nearly two and half hours and I must say, plot was of formula type but CGI so marvellous.

I think, Avatar might not win the Academy Award for best picture or director or actor but I’m sure It could win the award for it’s high-tech visual effects and CGI.

Film distributors in Nepal could have imported a good print of it, if not original. This way, a good film is tainted so badly. I don’t know, how is the screening of this movie on cinemas in Kathmandu. But here in Pokhara, we really lack good theatres, good enough for Hollywood movies so we could enjoy the movies with full taste.

I would watch this movie on DVD (I wonder when do I have my first Blu-ray player!) if I keep managing surviving this life.

After years, I went to theatre and I met nothing but a very bad movie experience.

The Best Movie

I’m a great fan of adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, thrill, epic genre movies. I hate films with romantic, horror, dramatic plots and it might be the cause why I’ve not yet watched Titanic, the most successful film in movie history. I despise women characters in movies regardless of their acts and roles and avoid those flicks where they have lead or more important roles if possible. I watch movie not for drama but for some real adventures and actions cos I think, drama is all fake and that just can’t attract me no matter how well the actors act. I know, adventures and actions are also fake and they are heavily relied on CGI these days, but at least they provide me some real thrills and excitements. I hate reading fiction but love them on movies. I also love Indiana Jones movies. Michael Bay’s large-budgeted action flicks always fascinate me.

No matter how well Avatar, Up In The Air etc. are doing their business, But I think I consider District 9, directed by rookie Neil Blomkamp, the BEST MOVIE OF 2009 from my side. Though, District 9 is not listed anywhere among the top films of gone year, I think it deserves a great appreciation to a great extent. This sci-fi doesn’t only depict the strange insect-like aliens and their weird slum but also is there a sad story of emotional wrench of a fellow Wikus. I loved this movie so much that I think I’ve watched it for more than 4 times and downloaded several DVD ripped copies of it. Some critics tried to ridicule it calling it a ”documentary”, whereas most of the critics reacted positively. I remember a critic saying, ”Blomkamp has shown, aliens are not only made of steel or unknown metal and they always don’t hold superpower. They could be far less developed than humans.”

Moreover, District 9 tells more about wrench and suffering of a man than of alien affairs; a rare sci-fi to keep human emotion in centre.


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