The Worst Movie of 2009

Ha Ha, I’m not A.O. Scott of New York Times, nor a professional critic on Rotten Tomatoes or other commercial movie sites. Moreover, I’m also not a frequent moviegoer. I watch movies (only selected) more on DVDs than on cinema. It’d been years I’d not gone to theatres. It was only some months ago, I went theatre for James Cameron’s mega-hit Avatar in years and much to my disappointment, It was the worst movie experience I’d ever been on. However, I sometimes love assessing them on my own.

(Whenever I hear Chester Bennington (of LP) sing ‘New Divide’, I remember MCG’s ‘Terminator Salvation’ and the apocalypse happened there though the song is for Michael Bay’s Transformers: ROTF. It’s amazing.)

I talked about District 9 as being the best movie of 2009 in my previous entry and now It’s been nominated for best picture for Academic Award along with Avatar. But I failed on a speculation that Avatar will never be nominated for best picture no matter how much billions it earns. Pundits had speculated that Avatar will never surpass the record of Titanic in terms of turnover but all went opposite of what were predicted.

The Most Beautiful Movie Scene

Fantasy, epic  and adventure genres maven Peter Jackson’s remake of King Kong (2005) contains the most beautiful movie scene ever. The scene when giant Kong brings Ann Darrow (Naomi Watts) after a fierce battle with T-Rex(s) to his lair is the most beautiful movie scene I ever saw, I think. The lair backdropped with a scenic sunset along with a beautiful waterfall really fascinates me. Background music is pleasantly low. The whole environment is so serene. Moreover, love Kong shows towards the woman is really inexplicable and It’s so amazing.

The Worst Movie of 2009

Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince along with Roland Emmerich’s 2012 were the most boring movies I watched in gone year. I somehow watched 2012 till the end but never completed Harry Potter. I had not expected John Cushak in such a stupid film.  I think, this Harry Potter film was the worst among the series with no thrills, actions & decent adventures. Likewise, superhero film Watchmen was one of the worsts of 2009.

The Most Lewd Scene of 2009

Michael Bay is not always good. The large budgeted action director sometimes go naughty. But his naugthiness hardly taints his great movies. He doesn’t provide audiences marvellous actions only, but also oftentimes some sort of obscenity, be it in Bad Boys franchise, The Island(2008) or Transformers series. In ‘Transformers: ROTF’, He has depicted Devastator, one of the Constructicons lewdly. In a scene, two metal balls with protruded hooks clink together as the Devastator excavates the Pyramid. These metal balls obviously were depicted as the Constructicon’s testicles. Yeah, all Transformers are male. And, I deem this the most lewd scene of gone year.

In his first Transformers(2007) movie, in a scene where Sam and Mikaela were ransacking for Sam’s grandfather’s broken glasses, Sam’s mom entered the room and asks him whether he was masturbating. Could anything else be more obscene than this?! I was left open-mouthed. Yeah, his mom is depicted as slightly psychopath in the movies.


Why the Oscar awards often go for low budget drama?


I’m feeling better today. I’m being over the worst of the flu since this evening.


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