Gloomy Abode

Phone calls have been irritating him. He’s not happy with the way things are being interpreted. I had never seen my dad this much sad before. So is my mom. Disaster never comes alone. Not only the incident itself but the fallout of whatever happened on my bro has since stifled the happiness of our home. Dad could calm himself. But my mom? This woman, my world and the one I love most has since been in great worry. We’re still not over the ordeals of the incident happened on my bro. None of us expected that things could change so suddenly. A great happiness could change into an immense despair within seconds. Incidents/accidents are never on our rein.

Dinesh dai is still engulfed by the unprecedented (as he never felt this before) horror of the dark night of Fagun 1. He’s still under medication and kind of physical therapy. He’s not wounded much but his left knee, which had already suffered an accident, has still not recovered in it’s right condition. I gasp. Dad doesn’t go out much these days, quite much to the contrary of his usual habit of going out much thanks to the incident. It all but shook us up entirely, for we never suffered this kind of horrendous situation before. Even a demise of someone beloved has to be taken easily, cos these can never be avoided. Even the lord of lords Shiva had to bear the worst of sudden demise of his love, Suttidevi; we read in Purans. This is a worse but must-go-through aspect of human life. We calm ourselves thinking this.

He (not only he, we all too) went through the worst. His much-expected wedding is deferred for indefinite time. People along with our kith and kin phone us and ask about the incident. Both our home phone and Dad’s mobile often ring for until late night. We are presented with a deluge of their questions and curiousness over the incident. Sometimes, they slight the sentiment of the situation while trying to dig out more of the incident. Dad is irritated and he seems to be tired. Mom simply stays without even muttering. I lack words.

When will my bro get over the horror memories of that nite?

Investigation is ongoing to nab the perpetrators from our own side through a special channel as police in Nepal is never trustworthy.


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