Yet Another Confession of Guilt

I  was again overwhelmed with tears just minutes ago. I raved at her and today I felt immense guilt. It brought me tears. Actually, I had no intention of adding a blog entry today, but my confession to whatever I’d committed compels me to scrawl something and ask for yet another forgiveness (or say, clemency) from her.

Ni, I humbly and with humility ask you to forgive me for my sass. I’m ridden with guilts and it’s  adding more scourge to my already troubled life. Until and unless I’m pardoned, I won’t be able to lead even my troubled life with a wee bit of normalcy. I get better of me when she forgives.

I’m so sorry for whatever I did cos I only could regret now. And, this is the place where I write my life. If I were almighty god, I would exempt myself from all these wrongdoings.

Ni, my love.


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