Remembered For Bad

Finally, there’s something bright being seen in the horizon. Yeah, Girija Prasad Koirala, the biggest political villain ever of Nepal is gone now leaving a prospect of rather a healthy political atmosphere in coming days (Let’s hope). This power-hungry cunning hawk had been the one and only cause of political instability and underdevelopment from 2046 B.S. onwards, AFAIK.  I know, I need not tally up his wrongdoings as they’re well-notorious to all us…. Now, Nepal may choose it’s own path of peace and prosperity in coming days as It has just been rid of this octogenarian burden. Despite being at helms for number of times and for almost a decade, he never heeded to people and their expectations, aspirations, plights but instead only worked for his cronies and coterie. He only helped create and spawn a new class of nouveau riche in Kathmandu, turned deaf ears to what the country had been waiting for long, i.e. peace, prosperity and development. In a nutshell, he simply ‘abused’ the democracy. Shame on this disgraced oldman.

Nepal has just liberated from this formidable hawk’s perpetual hold.

I mourn his death because a man (of national and international recognition, but disregard of whether he was ‘famous’ or ‘notorious’) has passed away. But, I really don’t think he, as a so called ‘democratic leader’ deserves my reverence. He ‘fought’ for democracy only when he thought he could exploit it. His seeming democratic approaches and moves in later years can never wash up the ‘crimes’, scandals, corruptions and blunders he has committed against the nation and people. Luckily, he filled the vacuum left by the demise of Ganeshman Singh, King Birendra, Madan Bhandari, and stasis of Krishna Prasad Bhattarai, thus making his way to be what has been described as one of the most talked political figures of all time. Because he had no parallel, he then enjoyed the ‘legacy’ of those  prominent figures (but in a quite spoiled way). In this case, I find him quite lucky. He has also benefited largely from King Gyanendra‘s  blunders in later years.

Given his long stay at power, he could have contributed a lot to the nation; he could have created a history in the development front but he simply didn’t. He didn’t want. And, his usual death and mourns over it can never wash away his wrongdoings.

About media, their gonzo journalism has found a ‘hot’ topic. Good for them.


I’ve just got her messages in Yahoo!. Thank God! It helps me calm. It had been weeks she’s not on and I was just worsening. You know what, even her name and nicks swoon me with delight!


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