Motorcycle Vs. Girls

People have got a thing about motorcycles. Subcultures Rocker, Mod, Greaser, Hells-Angels etc. were primarily based on the two-wheelers, their style, usage, along with other fashion accessories. Motorcycle was still holding sway over the western demographics esp. youths until as late as late 1970s before being bested by cars. However, nearly after half a century of their obsolescence among the whites, this two-wheeled locomotive still holds profound charisma and beauty among we easterners (not necessarily youths only). It’s well-surmised that,  for next some decades to come, motorcycle will keep obsessing people in poorer parts of the world, like ours, Africa, Latin America etc. because automobiles are still far away from our reach.

Several motorcyclists’ clubs were formed circa ’50s and ’60s in the West, in the UK. Those who rode motorcycles with leather jacket, Levi’s jeans, Dr. Martin shoes, loutish manner and scruffy looks were termed as Rocker and later this became an influential subculture. Mods also developed their own culture of fashion with scooters. Those from rural areas and the country were the member of Rocker, where as affluent and suave city youths were Mods. Likewise, Greasers and other various subcultures were mushroomed across the west. I came to ‘experience’ a little of Greaser fashion in 2008 Indiana Jones movie.

This way, motorcycle had been an influential means for social shake-ups in the West. Then, how about our Nepal?! Millions are living in acute penury, millions of population can’t even afford a bike, let alone the motorcycle. However, motorcycle nonetheless has become a must-have ‘property’ for urban demographics. It’s long been a tradition and also a thing of economical status to have at least a motorcycle in a household. Disregard of the age boundaries, from teenagers to sexagenarians, people are enjoying the ride of the two-wheeler.

Wait, I’m not digressing from the topic.

I fear, readers of this entry could resent me for being slightly a misogynist and championing the misogynistic ideas.

Yeah, youths (males) in Nepal and motorcycle have ‘inseparable’ bond. Yeah, kind of. But, hey, they remain incomplete if we exclude girls!

I think, witnessing current youth trends about love, fashion, sex; neither motorcycle nor girls alone could complete a fashion-starved youth. I mean they supplement each other to complete a guy. Actually, there has long been a ‘competition’ between motorcycle and girls as to who will take over the heart of a youth. What you think, which one an average guy would go for? A motorcycle or girl? If it’s not possible to get both of them, then I think, the guy would choose motorcycle. Both are beautiful. But have to choose one. What a dilemma!…….But, motorcycle wins over girls. Those who have had both are luckier. It’s often talked (joked) among hedonistic louts that once you’ve got a motorcycle, leave it up to your motorcycle, which then itself finds you a girl; you really needn’t look for, labor for!!! So foolish idea. But, sometimes, I also muse whether it makes any sense. What an average Nepali youth longs for, dreams for?! A two-wheeler and a beautiful girlfriend, then his world (or say, ‘real life’) starts from there… I never felt a need of a girl in my life until a couple of years ago. And, when felt, I failed to make anyone mine. Those louts could think my ‘real life’ has not yet commenced, given the empty pillion seat of my motorcycle. Stupid hedonists.

                                        (Picture from computer montage: Yamaha Gladiator and girls)

Whatever the things are; a two-wheeler, a good job and a loving girl are the only dreams of an average Nepali youth.

Scions put their interests on automobiles. But they are few and almost all of them are aggregated in Kathmandu. Cars sale will still not best motorcycle for decades to come. And, the trio consists of a youth, his girl and motorcycle will remain an influential fashion among youths for decades to come in our eastern world, Nepal.

Given a small number of girls using two-wheeler, I find it relevant talking about youths (males), their motorcycles and as we’ve witnessed, motorcycle has played a greater role in championing this culture. And, it’s also true, in general, that girls are often driven, influenced and impressed by the two-wheelers their male counterparts ride.

So, what you think, who’s mightier, Girls or Motorcycle?!


One response to “Motorcycle Vs. Girls

  1. 要照顧身體歐~保重—-幫忙踩個人氣

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