Why Rumour Sells In Nepal?

It’s said, truth is ugly and lie is often beautiful. So, people love lying. They quickly believe lies because it’s beautiful. But truth? It’s often slighted as long and much as they can. They accept the truth only when there’s no other option but to accept it. So, truth is often taken on only in last minutes after the lie fades because lie never has had a life and sooner or later it’s doom is inevitable. It’s we, who gives the lie life for our petty interests. It’s we who props lie up only to insult the truth. Shame on we human. But sooner or later, the illusory of lie is to be died. Ultimately, it’s the truth that rules. Just for a momentary pleasure and happiness, we slight the truth to get deluded by the ‘beautiful’ lie.

Rumour could be taken as a sort of lie (or false). And, in Nepal, we Nepalis are quite much used to the rumours. Actually, rumour sells in Nepal so well that truth (facts) is hardly believed and followed. Bedraggled politics has more lucrative market for rumours than any other in this impoverished kingdom (I still call it kingdom because monarchy was never abolished). When King Birendra and his family were slaughtered nearly a decade ago, people didn’t even bother to wait for the truth to reveal. Instead, a purely baseless rumour disseminated by then rebel Maoists portraying King Gyanendra as murderer quickly obsessed people and later it was swallowed as an outright truth without even questioning the authentication and legitimacy of it. How pathetic we people! Where our minimal of common sense had gone? The campaign of hatred and disrespect against King Gyanendra then made it’s stronghold among the mind of people thanks to our long partisan belief on lie (rumour). The king might have been involved in the incident, we can’t deny it and it’s a case to be investigated thoroughly. But, the investigation was never carried out in fair manner and people kept believing on the lie Maoists had taught them. Actually, Maoists parroted people their strategic hatred campaign against the monarch and monarchy. And, as we know, lie upon parroting for hundreds of times becomes a truth.

King Gyanendra was kept from speaking his mind in an accepted manner. People were so badly parroted that even the sane and righteous approaches the king made were regarded as gaffes and false. Even if he spoke truth, people didn’t believe it. He was never let to defend himself. He remained a ‘criminal’ in the eyes of people thanks to their parroted intelligence and common sense. Why can’t we judge things in fair manner? This way, a grave injustice is being inflicted upon the king. As a person, not a king, he has his rights to defend and put forth his mind. No one should be treated with this kind of cruelty and injustice. King Gyanendra is being deprived of his fundamental right of living in hatred-free environment.

It’s the same Maoists who at the time of Royal Massacre portrayed King Gyanendra as murderer and disseminated the hatred against him now sees not his but India’s role in the massacre. What a shameless act of fraudulence. And yet again, we believe the lie and rally behind those hypocrite leaders for a so called fight for ‘national sovereignty’ against India. We’re actually like sheep and it’s pathetic.

The recent rhetoric Krishna Prasad Bhattarai made during his suggestion to revive the Constitution of 2047 has weighed heavily on national politics. We can say, may be he’s trying to assume the privileged seat left emptied after the demise of GP Koirala, given his sole unparalleled political figure (after GPK’s demise). Whatever the cases, with GP Koirala no more to weigh on politics, Bhattarai could make final monotonous years of his life memorable esp. by working for reconciliation among the parties as GPK had done. Though he’s almost no influence over current political trend, but, given his unparalleled father figure, he still could play a greater role.


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