The White Elephant

Nuke-free world? It will remain an unachievable feat (dream?) for generations to come. But, the signing of  new START treaty aimed to reduce the nuclear stockpile of world’s largest bearers America and Russia has nonetheless boded (at least) little well towards the effort of ridding the world of the nukes. Barack Obama and Dimitri Medvedev  altogether have thus done something praiseworthy (but of only a fraction). Actually, they are doing it to not stamp out the nuke from the world but because it’s for their very interests. I think, given the costly management (security, care, maintenance etc.) of the nukes, it’s far good in their interests to rely on ‘cheaper’ conventional arms. As we have seen, conventional arms have proven far more effective than those bulky nukes in modern warfare. You can’t blow up the nuke. You can’t take revenge against your enemy with nuke. If you can’t use it, then what’s the worth keeping it spending billions in it’s store, security etc? It’s yet again conventional arm which rules the war. Since the nukes were first detonated in Japan in WWII (probably for the first and last time), they have largely been scrutinized and controlled and their possible use again now in war is just out of imagination. Actually, the whole world is united against the use of nukes, perhaps because the horror of it’s detonation in Japan had shocked the world. It’s plain and straight: you can build a nuke but you can’t use it.

It’s been more than 60 years since first the nukes were blown up (in war), since then it was never detonated again but the bearers kept spending billions for it’s management undercutting the budget for other essential sectors such as health, education, poverty alleviation etc. A good example of how the nuke has marred other essential sectors of a country could be seen in India and Pakistan. They both have nuke (but they can’t use it) and they spend billions annually for it and it’s an irony that they altogether boast probably the largest impoverished population in the world. Nuke has stolen money away from health, education, water supply, transport and other essential sectors. It’s such a tragedy.

What’s the worth keeping nuke spending billions in it’s management if you can’t use it ever?! Moreover, the risk of  falling into hands of terrorists is another grave concern regarding nuke’s safety in vulnerable countries like India and Pakistan where terrorists attacks are common.

Yet, even if you can’t use nuke in war, you still could keep it to increase your stake and show your might (but only at expense of billions of precious money). Perhaps, Iran wants the same.

Nuke has already lost it’s relevance in modern warfare thanks to the first detonation of it in Japan. It’s only to be stored, not ever used. The whole world is united against it. As soon as you rid yourself of it, it would be better for your own advantage. I think, the same is being done by Russia and America. Russia now has almost no control over world affairs, it’s hegemony is already ended with the collapse of Soviet Union and it’s of actually little use for them to spend billions for aging nukes (made during Soviet empire) only to store! About America, the world is still seeking revenge against if for it’s brutal use of nuke in Japan and sooner or later, America must face the punishment for it’s crime against the humanity (obliteration of Japanese cities with nukes, though it was tried to justify that the nuke at expense of some hundreds of thousands of Japanese lives helped end the war which claimed hundreds of millions lives) for claiming the lives of innocent people.

These countries are the military superpowers in the planet with their conventional arms might (not actually with nukes). Conventional weapons tanks, rocket launchers, missiles, artillery, rifles, bombers, will keep dominating the warfare for centuries to come. So, their true intention of slashing nukes through such START treaties is not to make the world nuke-free at their so called mercy but to lighten themselves the burden of ‘white elephant’.

Yes and indeed, nuke is a white elephant. It’s for your own advantage if you rid it asap.


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