My Music Chart

I’m compiling my music list after ‘ages’.

Long after years, this evening I heard songs from Nabin K. Bhattarai‘s blockbuster albums ‘Abhash‘ and ‘Samjhana‘ on a ’emergency lantern’ with built-in cassette player. There was no power and I was relying for my study (exams are looming) on the device. This invoked past memories of my teen heydays when I was a real fanatic for his music and nearly didn’t miss any of his concerts and other musical performances. I think, he mostly has sung tragic songs rather than love ones. Actually, I was so disturbed over her remark the night before yesterday and has been tensed. I was tearful. Her disbelief about me upsets me so much; I just can’t put in words, I wish I could. Lantern  went dim and I thought of ransacking a drawer where the audio cassettes–bought years ago, are stored. I really loved the music despite the lantern’s poor sound output.

I never bought any of his albums after ‘Nabin’. His music involvements since then are only sporadic.

Aabhash and Samjhana are his biggest albums ever, I think. I don’t think any other Nepali pop album could parallel these two.

I’m not an enthusiastic music-lover. It’s just a sort of luxury, not really an essential. I love books more than music.

Sultry Lady Gaga is up for nothing else but sex. Her raunchy music videos explicitly suggest sex. "Telephone” is just too much. Why she’s so sensually obsessed?!

These are the songs I often listen lately:

1. Keep You Much Longer                Akon (Freedom)

2. We Don’t Care                                  Akon (Freedom)

3. Get A Life                                           Lil Wayne (Rebirth)

4. Camera Phone                                
The Game ft. Ne-Yo

5. Rocking That Shit                          The Dream ft. Rick Ross, Fabolous, Ludacris etc.

6. See You In My Nightmare           Kanye West ft. Lil Wayne (808 and Heartbreak)

7. Amazing                                             Kanye West ft. Young Jeezy

8.  ताल बन्थ्यो हेर..                                  अन्जु पन्त                                

9.  21 Guns                                              Green Day (21st Century Breakdown)

10. रुवाए साराले                                        रामजी खाँड र मुना थापा

Lil Wayne’s Rebirth, though not as much good as Tha Carter III, is one of my faves lately. Now he’s incarcerated for more than a year-long term. Why it’s ‘must’ for a rapper in America to involve in drug abuse, violence and sex abuses? Blacks are demeaning themselves with these abuses.


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