‘Holocaust’ Never Happened

Butcher Israel saw it’s  so called ‘Holocaust Day’ on Monday. But (as far and much as I know) so called Holocaust never happened the way it’s interpreted by the Allies of WWII. Dissolve Israel and return the land to Palestine, the original owner. Since it’s forceful creation on Palestine land after the WWII, innocent Palestinians are being butchered at the hands of Israel. This is a tragedy. Under the umbrella of warmonger America’s patronage, it’s furthering and enjoying it’s secret nuclear weapon advancements virtually unnoticed and free from world’s scrutiny. The only reason of unrest (was, is and will) in Middle East and Arab is butcher Israel. Israel is abominable and I hate this Jews’ ”new home” most over any other things.



The recent ‘Nuclear Summit’ held by Barack Obama is just a ploy to justify already-nuke-armed countries’ (such as: ”big 5” along with Germany, India etc.) nuclear stockpile and at the same time preventing other countries’ implicit rights for pursuing nuclear technology for peaceful purpose. Every country has it’s right to defend itself from invasion and other insecurities either by nuke or other means. So do have Iran and N.Korea. They can pursue nuclear technology (be it for peaceful purpose or weapon) until and unless their pursuits pose imminent threat to the world’s security. And, I don’t think N.Korea and Iran could risk the world with their nuke advancements. Just because they aren’t aligned with the West, esp. America and they oppose imperialistic ideas of the West, they and their nuclear pursuits can’t be termed as a threat to the world. It’s a gross bias against these developing countries.

The world is more risked by the nuke stockpiles in America and France than in Iran and N.Korea. It’s butcher America which slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people in Japan with it’s nuke in WWII. Besides this, it’s America again which has claimed millions of lives even with it’s conventional warfare such as in Iraq, Afghanistan, former Yugoslavia and also in WWII (to cover up their atrocities in WWII, the Allies put forth the Holocaust propaganda) in recent years.

If abominable Israel is free to pursue it’s nuclear weapon technology, then why N.Korea, Iran and other aspiring countries aren’t? Yes, they also are. Let’s defy butcher America and it’s arselickers Israel, S.Korea, some east European countries and others.

The burden of Nobel Peace Prize is weighing heavy on Obama so he’s doing all these futile, little-valued efforts to show himself ”committed” to peace and justify the prize.


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