My World & The Most Beautiful Woman

Today is Mother’s Day. Mother’s divine, most revered, beloved and sacred. I don’t think I need to write more about her. Actually, she can’t be described in any words. My mother is my world. She’s my everything. Lots of love, reverence and devotion to my beloved mother, the only person I love most over anyone.  I love you mom. You’re my world. I can’t even think without you.

Obviously, the one you love is the most beautiful person, for you, in the world. Here, I’m talking about women I love. Implicitly, I love my mom the most and she’s plainly the most beautiful woman. But, given her divine and revered figure, I’m not bringing her here to my discussion. So, she’s excluded.

Beside mom, my sister (Mira) was the only woman I loved until she got married and started her conjugal life. And obviously, she took the crown of the most beautiful woman ever in my mind. I was in adolescence and obviously she was the second one (first is mother!) to inspire my feelings for females. But, as she left us for her husband’s home after marriage, I felt something my own was taken away from me. Yes, she left us for someone else and I was left crying. It might be one of the very rare occasions I’ve collapsed in tears.

She’s no longer the most beautiful woman.

Then who else now?!

Years after my sister left us for her married life, I came to love a girl (love is deliberately done, it never happens itself) who I’ve been talking about in my blog. She’s the first woman ever I love outside my family. I do love her so I find her beautiful, actually stunningly beautiful. The crown of the most beautiful woman ever is thus now bestowed upon her. She’s ravishingly gorgeous for me, but actually she might not be so for others. It’s love that shapes one’s thoughts. You know what she’s become to me: I love her only behind my mom.

I know, it’s my feelings (love) which ‘occasions’ her to appear beautiful.


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