Sensual Obsession

You know what,  मेरो दबित असीम यौनेच्छा  is the most searched (read too?) entry of my diary. People often search ”तरुनीहरु”, ”तिघ्रा” etc. and also sometimes ”यौन ईच्छा/यौनेच्छा” and the search engines display the entry at the forefront of the first page of their search result. It’s funny that those words are often searched and the entry is a forerunner for the query. It’s funny. The entry has been a reflection of people’s sensual obsession.

No one can dispute the fact that women are omnipotent. They hold total power at least over men.

I wrote that entry years ago, expressing my dormant libidinous feelings in quite an innocent and humorous way. Some liked my plainness while others including she, disapproved. At that time, our relationship was flourishing and I was excited, inspired and happier than ever.

What about now? I’m all but destroyed. The ‘injustice’ I was compelled to live with just sometimes drives me mad and I think of revolting against it. Sky never turned blue again after the apocalypse. It remained horrifyingly dark. However, till date, I’ve not given up the hope of seeing it drenched in blue again which I think could help resurrect within me a ray of hope. I know not but I think it might look better in blue than in black.


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