It’s well known that political stability is a foremost condition for a country to prosper. Until and unless there’s a credible government and comparatively stable political environment, development goals remain futile and far-fetched.

Nepal has been victimized by this political tragedy for long.  Were there a single credible government with stable political condition for at least some few years, we would have seen a different Nepal, not like today’s ravaged one. The system was so shaky and volatile that more than a dozen governments were formed after 2046 B.S. but neither could complete it’s full tenure, let alone the implementation and accomplishment of their goals and plans.

It’s already been 20 years since the restoration of democracy in 2046 B.S. But in those years, we saw nothing other than chaos, unrest, violence, poverty, underdevelopment etc. thanks to the never-ending political instability and unrest-mongering. Time period of 20 years in a country’s history is important and significant. A developing country could either prosper or fall into poverty in those years.  But, much to our bad luck, we chose poverty over the prosperity. Malaysia is a vivid example of how a good political
environment and relentless effort for development could culminate with
prosperity within those 20 years. Within a period of 20 years (from 1981 to early 2000s), under
the leadership of then Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir Mohamad, Malaysia
leapt forward to prosperity and now it’s one of the few prosperous
countries in Asia.

Those precious 20 years were abused and squandered — at expense of our sufferings — at the hands of crappy political criminals from Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, thus ruining the future of the country and people.

Maoists insurgency then sprouted seemingly to get things — loused up by those politics-mongers — right.

But, they’re not any messiah. They couldn’t be a ‘panacea’.

After winding up in parliamentary system, they then realized how worse, monolithic and intricate the entire system was which they wanted to overthrow in favour of socialist system.

The recent announcement of the series of protest programs including indefinite general strike by Maoists would only worsen the woe of the country furthermore. However, we could at least be hopeful (little) that this strike would provide a way out of the current political impasse. It’s better to get something done than never undone. Current impotent MKN-led government is illegitimate and it must be overthrown asap– but not at the expense of people’s woe and more sufferings and Maoists should take into account this while carrying out their programs. 

Yes, Maoists are legitimate rightful leader of the government.

Despite having shortcomings and glitches, after the failure (fall?) of other parliamentary parties and so called ‘abolition’ of monarchy, Maoists are the last legitimate force with such a massive popular support. It’s not excessive in any way to say that Nepal’s ultimate fate is lain upon the Maoists. If they fail, Nepal will also fail. This is an outright truth but may sound bitter to those who oppose them.

We even need to condone to some extent their ‘bad acts’ as we’ve no other viable options left for now. And also, as to their protest programs,  it’s better for our own advantage to suffer in rebellion against the bad and injustice than to endure it in peace.


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